Saturday, June 29, 2013

Project, thy name is frustration Part 1

The dolls for my latest project arrived last Saturday! YAY! So I immediately got to work.

My first job was just getting them out of the boxes! This is Doll A:

She is a Just Like You #8 and she's actually not in bad condition at all. Here she is out of the packaging:

She came dressed in Kirsten's meet dress and a pair of Julie's pants I think; both of which I will be selling to cover some of the cost on this project! Like I said she's in pretty good shape, she has all her fingers she just had some shiny marks on her arm:

She also had an ink stain on her other arm and her legs were pretty dirty:
After a good rub down with a magic eraser all of the dirt came off and I will be dealing with the ink stains in a bit!

But for now! This is Doll B:
She is an extremely well used Elizabeth! And here she is unwrapped:

This doll was absolutely filthy. She had a really bad haircut and she was missing fingers on both hands. The thing I was most worried about though were her eyes.
Both of them were very very cloudy!

I'm not sure if you can see this well but to show you how dirty she was the right leg hasn't been cleaned and the left has:
Here she is undressed so you can see just how messed up she was before I did anything:
Not really judging, but basically this is what happens to a $100 doll when she's given to a child who isn't ready. BUT because of that I got her at a really good price and when I'm done she will be going to a new home where she will be well taken care of and loved!

One more picture for today:
So you're probably wondering what my plan is for these two ladies. First I'm going to do an eye swap on them, then both are getting new wigs, Doll A is going to be staying with me and Doll B is going to my best friend! I've never done an eye swap before so hopefully this goes okay! Stay tuned for Part 2!

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