The Customs

About a year into collecting again I got bit by the custom bug, bad. Here are all the customs I've made so far:


Name: Marta Peterson
Era: 1850's
Brand: American Girl (Felicity)
Bio: Marta is based off of the character in Meet Kirsten. She is Kirsten's first best friend and often gets Kirtsten in to mischief, or adventures as she likes to call them. Confident and excitable, Marta makes life interesting around here! You can read all about how Marta came to be starting right here!

Name: Laura Aliyah Kinney Howlett 
Era: Modern
Brand: American Girl (Elizabeth)
Bio: Laura is loosely based off of the Marvel character X-23. Laura is a shy little thing but once you get to know her you'll find she's very sweet and loyal. She loves her family, even though her big brother Daken can drive her up a tree! She also loves anything sparkly and red and of course her favorite heart necklace. She was made for my bff/sister in the summer of 2013 and you can read about her starting here and over at A Wild Review Appears to see all her adventures since she left us here in Tennessee!

Name: Caroline Abbott
Era: 1810's
Brand: American Girl (JLY #8)
Bio: My version of Caroline is basically what I wanted the original to look like. Though I really wanted violet eyes. What can I say, Elizabeth Taylor fan! She and Laura were made together and you can read about that starting here! Caroline is very much like her book counterpart and stays in her time period except when Laura comes to visit. They girls have quite a bond!

Name: Samuel Zachery Guthrie  
Era: Modern
Brand: American Girl (JLY #14)
Bio: Sam is based off of the Marvel character Cannonball. He and his brother Jay were made during the summer of 2014 for my best friend as a late Christmas gift. Sam is the ultimate big brother and he always takes care of everyone first before himself. He loves football, his family, horses, and Harry Potter! His adventure starts here and continues over at A Wild Review Appears.

Name: Joshua Zachariah Guthrie
Era: Modern
Brand: American Girl (Kit)
Bio: Jay came to be in the summer of 2014 with his brother Sam. Jay is a talented musician who loves goats and fairy tales. You can read about him starting right here with his first few days at my house and of course over at his permanent blog home A Wild Review Appears!


Name: Jebediah Ross Guthrie
Era: Modern
Brand: None (AG Clone)
Bio: Jeb is the younger brother of Sam, Jay and my Melody and loosely based on the comic book character. He's one smart cookie. Jeb would proudly consider himself a geek but he has a touch of jock in him too. He loves football like his big brother Sammy! He also loves to read. His favorite book series are The Lord of the Rings, which he reads religiously and of course A Song of Ice and Fire. He is a loyal Stark fan. Jeb is also in to comics and games. Right now his favorite game is Minecraft but he is partial to anything Zelda and all of the Lego games.

He is the few of my crew to have a pet! Jebby has a pet tribble named Polygeminus or Gem for short. His best friends are his sister Mel and Ivy who he has a bit of a crush on. Not that you'll ever get him to admit it! He can be a bit of a prankster but he's also very hardworking and responsible. You can read more about him starting with this post!

Name: Daken Howlett
Era: Modern
Brand: American Girl (Bald Doll #5)
Bio: Daken is loosely based on the comic book character of the same name. He is the son of Wolverine and the older brother of Ami (she lives with Laura), Laura and Ivy. Yes his hair just naturally grows that way. Daken is fiercely loyal and protective when it comes to the people he cares about. Don't mess with his sisters! He's very no nonsense and prone to telling you how it is without pulling any punches. He won't coddle but he'll also offer unwavering support. He tends to be a bit broody at times but enjoys a good prank or joke as much as the next guy.

He likes to spend time with his sisters or with Mel and Jeb. He is also good friends with Sam and they have a bit of a big brother support group going on! He likes mostly solitary activities but can occasionally get conned into playing a game with Jeb. Jebby says he needs more fun in his life! You can read more about Daken (including how he got that fabulous hair) starting here.

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