Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Well.....that happened

I've received a few messages from people asking me to come back or just checking in with me. You guys are amazing and I so appreciate the concern. I never intended to just vanish for like 10+ months on you. Sorry about that. But things have been very busy in my non-doll life!

I moved twice in two months to two different states. No drama there, we just had to go one place for my husband's training and then on to our new location. Which is amazing! We've always wanted to live where we are now!

So all my dolls were packed up for months and months. I still don't have everything unpacked. And then something else HUGE happened:

I had a baby:
Her name is Clementine and she's just a few months old now! She's the most amazing and beautiful thing I've ever seen and even though I'm exhausted, I'm totally in love and I've never been happier.

In the next few months, (after I get her napping in her crib, she's such a cuddle bug!) as I get my feet under me, I'm hoping to be able to get back to some doll things. I have several projects planned including four new custom dolls!

In the mean time posts are still slowly going up over at Isn't She Dovely, the blog two of my dolls co-write with two of my best friend's dolls. There is also a connected instagram account here!

I hope you all are doing well and I hope to see you here again soon! Till next time.


  1. Your daughter is beautiful! Congratulations! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to get her to sleep right now lol!

  2. Glad things are going so well for you guys!! :D

  3. She's a cutie! (But hopefully you already knew I thought that.)

  4. You know I think she's hot stuff. Glad to see you blogging again.

  5. Oh, she's so cute! Congratulations! I hope all goes well!