Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Molly update

I'm keeping her! I can't help it, she's totally won me over even with all her faults! (Read all about her arrival here) So I'm looking for a leg and I'm working on her wig and removing her neck stains. I think I can live with everything else!

So what has she been up to?
Sitting on my bookshelf in the office waiting on her wig!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meet Laura

Laura arrived at my friend's house today and she loves her!! So I can show her off to you guys! Aka this post is mostly just a Laura pic spam!

(To see Laura's journey from a torn up Elizabeth till now you can go here Part one, and here Part two. )

Are you ready?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Molly has arrived!!

I was not expecting Molly to show up today but when I got home from running my errands this box was at my door!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Before I start I want to say thank you to everyone reading this! I've gotten a few really nice comments about my last post and I really appreciate all the support! You guys are great! Now to the post:

One of the goals for my collection is to have at least one example of every face mold American Girl has ever used. I'm actually one doll away from achieving that goal but I probably won't get that doll until Christmas or after!

Anyway, a few months back I got Kaya. Actually I got an amazing deal! I found a Kaya and a Samantha for sale together on ebay! I later sold the Samantha, since I already have one, for the same price I bought the both of them for so basically Kaya was free! Win!

So here is how the two of them arrived in the box:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet Caroline

Well my project is done!

(If you would like to see all parts of this project you can go here Part 1 here Part 2, and here Part 3. )

And I am very very happy! But first I need to back up and tell you about the arms!

I got the arms I ordered in the mail on Saturday and can I just say that even I think that sounds really weird. Yeah! I got arms in the mail!! Anyway the seller had them wrapped up really well and she even put this cute sticker on them:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Project update! Wigs!

To see the previous entries about this project you can go here Part 1 and here Part 2 Also I forgot to mention this in my other posts but if you click on the pictures they get bigger!

This week I got the wig for Doll A (the one I'm keeping) and so I put it on! Like most thing in customizing dolls gluing on a wig sounds easy but it's a pain!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

just a quick hello!

This weekend I traveled to Columbia and Kansas City to visit some family! I had a really great time and luckily I got to stop in to the American Girl store briefly to pick up a few things! But you guys are only going to get to see one of those things for right now! The others are for my project dolls and you will get to see all of that when they are done!

Everyone has probably heard that Molly and Emily are being archived this year so with the urging of my husband I picked up Molly's Polka-Dot Outfit! Now I don't actually have a Molly yet, I want a white bodied Molly and I'm waiting till I find the right one, so this outfit is going to be modeled for you by Lilly!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Eye Swap (Part 2 of my newest project)

So in part one of this project I introduced the girls and told you what I am doing with them! You can see all that here : Part 1

WARNING: If you don't want to see dolls with half their wigs off or without wigs entirely or without eyes you might want to skip this post.

This is all about the eye swap....I did not walk away from this unscathed. List of injuries! 1. I cut my fingernail about halfway down to my nail bed.  2. My legs were covered in bruises and 3. Well this:
Eye swapping is HARD. I decided to do the boiled water method but first the wigs had to come off!