Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fairies of Cottingley Glenn: Yarthkins

In January I got a new Fairy! And now I've finally gotten around to showing her off. So this is Yarthkins:

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Melody (My Twinn 18" Adopt A Friend)

I had a plan. After my boys were all done I was going to go to My Twinn and create a custom doll. I knew exactly what I wanted because I was going to make a Melody Guthrie doll. She is a Marvel Comics character and Sam and Jay Guthrie's little sister. She had no wings but she could fly and then she lost her powers. She's a very minor character but I have some major love for the Guthrie family and since I wanted a My Twinn 18" doll anyway, she was a good excuse to make one. But then My Twinn had a sale on their 18"Adopt a Friend Dolls! (Currently they are on sale again for $49 but I'm not sure how long it will last! Check them out here.)

One thing that anyone who reads this blog should have figured out by now is that I'm a sucker for dolls in need. I have some pristine dolls but I kind of love my imperfect ladies. My Twinn Adopt A Friend dolls hit all my buttons! They come in both the 23" and 18" sizes and, according to My Twinn's FAQ, they are made from the left over parts and the parts they couldn't use on custom dolls. I started looking for fun and then I found a beautiful girl with a sweet little smile and since she was so cheap I pounced!

A few days later she arrived!
 I like that they sent a catalog.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Some Good Boy Stuff

I was waiting to do this post because I was considering buying an outfit for one of my future boys, and I wanted to include it in this. Buuuuuuut then My Twinn had a sale on their 18 in Adopt A Friends (they are having good sales on a lot of things right now if anyone is interested) and so I got a new doll instead! I know. Shame on me!

So we're just going to be talking about the places I bought things for Traci's boys! I got a lot of stuff from eBay. Sam's red shirt and Jay's pants and hoodie are from an old American Girl set. There are quite a few sellers on there that have generic things that will work for boys too. Sam's jacket, hat, and boots as well as Jay's shoes all came from eBay, but I needed some very specific things that I couldn't  find there. Like boxers! I found those at MissyOodlesCreations.

I bought two things from her. A t-shirt and boxers set for Sam and a pair of snake skin, print boxers for Jay.
Sam's shirt front