Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Boys

Traci got the boys today!! So now I get to show them off here! If you haven't read anything about these boys check out these three posts: part one, part two, and part three. And now without further ado:
Sam and Jay
Here they are!

Sam's before and after:

Sam needed moderate work. His spots did mostly come off. The pink on his arm came off enough that I couldn't get my camera to focus on what was left! The initials on his foot faded a touch more than the last time I updated you but not enough to be significant. I'm pleased with the results though!

Jay's before and after:

Jay was a bit more challenging. He had to have an arm replaced but that wasn't a huge deal.

He had ink spots on his body but with some spray n' wash and a run through the washing machine most of it came off!

I also had to remove his freckles.  That part was probably the hardest but they came off with a magic eraser and some elbow grease.

Both boys had all their face paint removed and repainted. I actually used two shades of lip gloss to repaint. I used a neutral for the lips and a bit of a berry colored stain for the cheeks. I think it came out pretty natural looking.

And now for what you really came for! Boy pic spam:
Sam in his hat and jacket.

Jay in a tree.

I lied earlier. The hardest part of the whole project was finding them clothes! I got their clothes from a variety of places and I'm planning on doing a post in a couple of days about where I found some good boy stuff.

Jay's outfit wasn't really based on anything in the comics. Jay did wear a hoodie so I made sure doll him got one too.

This outfit of Sam's was loosely based on the comics.

This panel to be exact:
found at comic vine here
Yes that giant blond dork in the middle is grown up Sam.

One more of Jay:

And the boys side by side:

One last Sam picture:

What do you think? I'm totally in love and so is Traci! She just got them today and she already has extra outfits for them and what not. They are going to be so spoiled but that couldn't be happier about that. She's going to do a post about them on her blog in a couple of days (whenever she has time to take good pictures) so if you want to see more of these two you should keep an eye out there!

I admit I'm very excited to start on my own boys now but I won't be doing that till the end of summer. They will also be based on two comic book characters; one that you might have heard of and one kind of obscure but awesome one. So excited!

I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did! Till next time!


  1. I love them! They're hanging out in the dining room with me right now looking very cute! Thanks so much for them :) they're very spoiled already!

    1. That comic panel must have been from the "Sam's a hillbilly idiot" phase... look at those ears. They remind me of my cousin's! LMAO

      Also I completely did not even -look- at the bottom of Sammy's foot to check the bad tattoo. LOL

    2. It so was! I love how long it took for marvel to realize he could still be cute. I also love his ears!

      Did you find his pink spot?

    3. Oh no, his ears are adorable! But so much like Rusty it kills me!

      Eventually! While I was trying his clothes on him, LMAO! It's really faint so I pretty much have to look for it!

    4. Good! I'm glad to hear that!

  2. Wow, they look really incredible! Awesome work, I wish I was brave enough to attempt customizing ahaha.

    1. Thank you! All it takes is one custom and you'd be hooked!

      I can't wait to see Jay with his wings!

  3. I just got an AMG doll to clean up. Have you ever seen shiny iridescent spots on any of your doll's skin? I have two used dolls I am working on and both have them. I used the baking soda paste with no results and then tried the eraser very carefully but nothing seems to get rid of them. I can live with them, I just wonder what those spots are and if I can get rid of them. Thanks, PJ

    1. Wow, omg I'm sorry I never answered you! I've never seen iridescent spots....I would try super fine grit sandpaper?