Sunday, May 11, 2014

Isabelle's Coral Sweater and Skort (On Kanani)

Well we almost four and a half months into the year of Isabelle! I'm not a huge fan of her. In fact I spell her name wrong like 95% of the time? But when I saw her coral sweater and skort I knew that Kanani had to have them! She is a frequent stealer of other GOTY's collections (she also has Saige's sweater outfit) and I thought that these two items would look amazing on her. I was so right.

Before I give you all an up close and personal look I have a small confession. I dropped my old phone (which I took all my pictures with) in the toilet. I got a fancy new one! But in the next few clothing posts you might notice a quality difference in my pictures since I took half the pictures for these posts before the toilet incident and am finishing them with my new one! My life. Moving on!

One thing that I really do like about Isabelle's collection is the fact that there are separates. I LOVE this. I can get exactly what I want and only what I want. I do wish that they had offered a pair of shoes separately though.

I picked up two items. First up is the Coral Sweater:
It's a light weight,coral knit. It has an asymmetrical hem, and thumb holes. Which I love!
There is the inside!

I think just about everything in Isabelle's collection has acute little tag on it:
Since this is Kanani's outfit now we just say that Isabelle is our favorite designer ;) I really do like that detail though.

Up next is the skort:
It is a light pink mesh skirt, with a pink cord belt and it is heavily decorated with sequins.

It lays over:
Light pink, cotton shorts.

Here is its tag:

And here is the whole outfit on:
I really love the wide neck of this sweater.

Let's take a closer look at those sleeves:
I love thumb holes in shirts, but I was a little worried about how well this sweater would hold up. Kids aren't exactly gentle. Luckily, from what I can tell, these thumb holes are very well done and I think they'll hold up fine to play.

Here is a closer look at the skort decoration:
Even though it's a bit busy I actually really like the sequins. Though again I'm touch worried about how well this will stand up to play. Already some of mine aren't sitting as flat as they should and I've been very careful with it. I'm not sure how it would do with anyone a bit rougher. But it's still very pretty and looks wonderful with the sweater!

Kanani looks so good in it!
The wide boatneck of the sweater makes her neck look so delicate and the skort makes her legs look ridiculously long. It is a touch short for my tastes but because it is a skort I'm okay with it. If it were just a skirt she would need leggings under that!

I also think the colors compliment her better than they do Isabelle.
The coral makes Kanani's hair and skin pop! She is just so pretty!

These are probably the only two things from Isabelle's collection that I will buy. Unless one of my girls decide to become a dancer suddenly! I really like the mix and match potential though and that most pieces can be used as everyday clothing as well as dance clothing. I don't want AG to go entirely separates for their modern clothing but I would like a collection like this for the modern dolls. I like the options.

I hope you enjoyed this look at a little bit of Isabelle's collection. AG keep making things for my Kanani to steal please! Till next time!


  1. That's very cute! I like the skort, I think. It looks very dancey. Thanks for the pics and the review because I'm still debating this for Marisol. Kanani is adorable btw! I love the second to last pic of her.

    1. Thank you! You really need to get the sweater at least. I would look SO pretty on Marisol!

    2. It was more or less a definite purchase and then I found Mia, and since her meet sweater's sleeves are styled the same way I sort of hit the brakes until I saw pics of it on someone other than Isabelle! I'll probably pick it up when I go to St. Louis in the fall, if they have it there.

      PS If Isabelle had been a tomboy/into cars I totally would have gotten her :P

    3. Lmao I have no doubt! If she had been a little interesting I would have gotten her too!

  2. Thats a great color for Kanani. You're right, It looks better on her than it does on Isabelle.

    1. Kanani looks so good in just about anything! Isabelle is a pretty doll but they didn't give a whole lot of things that flatter her coloring!