Friday, April 4, 2014

Doll!Sam and the Bad Tattoo

I'm so excited for this!!

Some of you might remember Laura, the doll I made for my bff last summer. What some of you might not know is that she is based off of a comic book character. We are totally Marvel Comics junkies. So a few months back I decided I wanted to make some boy dolls and we figured why not make them after comic book characters too?! I'm planning on making four; two for my bff and two for me.

Since I'm a super cool friend I'm making her's first (plus mine are going to require an eye swap and I'm putting that off :P ) and last week I found a good doll at a decent price. I snatched it up and yesterday he arrived!

There is our first look at Sam! This doll will be based off of Sam Guthrie aka Cannonball of the X-Men. Her second doll will be based off of his brother Jay aka Icarus.  I'm kind of working from this picture:
not 616 Sam but it's close enough!
Only scaled down to about a ten year old!

Sam pre-fixing up is not in terrible shape.
I usually like to work with dolls a touch more in need of tlc but I didn't want to search around anymore. Plus I'm kind of working on a stock of wigs and I thought this one didn't look too bad. It doesn't in the pictures but in person it's very dry and coarse and a touch frizzy. I'll be working with it!

Otherwise his face is in really good condition.
He has a small green spot under the bangs.
And a black mark under his chin but those should come off pretty easy with a magic eraser.

His only major problem is a lazy eye.
But my bestie doesn't mind manually opening and closing it so we're not going to worry about it! Otherwise his eyes are perfect. No silver eye, nice lashes and no missing paint!

His body is in pretty good shape. Mostly his limbs are just very dirty!

The right arm is this worse and has a pink spot will need some acne cream.

The left arm has a few scratches but nothing too bad.

There is quite a bit of dirt on his legs too but it should all come off easily.

He has another pink spot on his inner hip joint.
It will get an acne treatment too along with his very bad tattoo:

His previous owner wrote their initials on the bottom of his foot which isn't a big deal. I'll do my best to get it off! But he stopped in Reno for a while on his way to me so we were making jokes about his wild night in Reno ending with getting a terrible tattoo....and now you have the story behind the title of this post! Fun!

Anyway, I've already ordered his new wig from Monique Trading Corp. It this one:
In a darker blond! Hopefully it will come soon. I'll keep you all updated! Till then.

ETA Where I got the wig. Fail me!


  1. It looks like he's been kissing on girls with all that pink on his arm. :P

    Off topic but I'm digging the nail polish girl. It looks good on you!

    1. Wild night in Reno man!

      Thanks! It's that blue polish with the glitter you sent me! I just did an accent nail with the glitter because Holy Heck man!! That stuff goes everywhere!

    2. Herpes, I told you! When I tried it I just did my flip-off finger in glitter. It stays on pretty well but damn.

      PS really excited about Sam! The girls are slowly becoming intrigued...

    3. I did my ring fingers! I think it looks awesome but OMG the mess!

      I'm glad you are excited! I just hope he turns out okay!

    4. Also LOL I just now realized this but my Samantha also has a lazy eye. My Sam- dolls are united. (I keep saying o yeah gonna send her in... i need to do that...)

    5. Lmao you do! Take her with you when you go to the St. Louis store! You can send her in from there and they fill out ask the paper work for you.

    6. That's a good idea, thanks! I do have to take her in naked though right?

    7. Yup! Take off anything you don't want to risk losing. They'll put her in a paper hospital gown for the trip!

    8. To the front counter or the salon or where do I go for this magical service? (I actually do like the sound of this.)

    9. Front counter! If you don't want a doctor to come out you should tell them. The one time I didn't the doctor totally made a deal and I was like......dude I'm 28.......

    10. THE DOCTOR. Oh my god I'm gonna play this up. I'm going to run in all dramatic making a scene like SOMETHING IS WROOOOOOOOOOONG WITH SAMANTHA FIX HER.

      And I'll make a storyboard.