Monday, June 9, 2014

Some Good Boy Stuff

I was waiting to do this post because I was considering buying an outfit for one of my future boys, and I wanted to include it in this. Buuuuuuut then My Twinn had a sale on their 18 in Adopt A Friends (they are having good sales on a lot of things right now if anyone is interested) and so I got a new doll instead! I know. Shame on me!

So we're just going to be talking about the places I bought things for Traci's boys! I got a lot of stuff from eBay. Sam's red shirt and Jay's pants and hoodie are from an old American Girl set. There are quite a few sellers on there that have generic things that will work for boys too. Sam's jacket, hat, and boots as well as Jay's shoes all came from eBay, but I needed some very specific things that I couldn't  find there. Like boxers! I found those at MissyOodlesCreations.

I bought two things from her. A t-shirt and boxers set for Sam and a pair of snake skin, print boxers for Jay.
Sam's shirt front

And back.

Sam's boxers.

Jay's boxers.

All three pieces are very well made and very affordable. I think I paid around $14 for everything including (very fast) shipping. My favorite part are the little fake flies:
You can see it better on the green pair. I love that kind of detail! She also makes some adorable cargo pants I'm really tempted to get.

I needed a casual shirt for Jay and a pair of jeans for Sam. Luckily Minipparel sells a t-shirt and jean set that worked out perfectly for me!
The t-shirt was beautifully made and just a little long and baggy. The perfect fit for a boy!
They also used the really nice velcro that doesn't snag.

I was very impressed with the jeans:
They are a pair of relaxed fit, straight leg jeans with an elastic waistband.

All of the pockets are actually functional!
But my favorite part of these jeans is the little red tag! Adorable!

Other wonderful details include the fly and the MP on the inside of the waist band.
This outfit was very much in line with AG prices. I didn't mind paying that because of the high quality and the shipping was fast. She usually puts new things up on the weekends so if she doesn't have much right now check back later!  I will definitely be buying again from both of these places for my boys when the time comes.

Here are a few more places I found in my search but haven't bought anything from yet:
Sew Fun Doll Clothes  They have some adorable boys' outfits and shoes!
The Beach Shack Lots of cute t-shirts, for boys and girls, made from up-cycled things!
Petites Bowtique  They don't have a lot of boy clothing but I'm including them because they make cute food items too!

That is about all I have to say right now! I hope that these links are useful. My new doll should be here in the next week or so and I will be telling you all about her as soon as I get her. Because I'm a dork I'll tell you right now that she is Sam and Jay's little sister and her name is Melody. Till next time!


  1. Thanks for doing this post. It's always such a challenge to find non-girly clothes for the AGs, so it's great to have pointers to places that have non-pink-&-frilly options! :)

    1. You're very welcome! I couldn't find a lot of lists of places to get things like this when I was looking so I thought it might be helpful to someone!

  2. Can't wait to see Mel, you deserve a new doll. :) We are like 40% on the Guthrie family right now.

    Sure you don't want the lime green bathing suit? :P

    1. I haven't bought a new doll since Ivy, so I suppose it's okay :p and maybe on the swimsuit :p

    2. I know you are waiting until after vacation so I'm respecting that, and then you'll get more because if you try to talk yourself out of those 3 I'll peer pressure you until you snap. :P

  3. Love your Blog. Thank you so much for purchasing from my shop, MissyOodlesCreations. I am having great time making the 18 inch doll clothes. I hope to be able to get to making bowties and shirts. So much I want to make. LOL Maybe after the Holidays. Thanks again. Teddi

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy with the boxers you've made!