Saturday, June 21, 2014

Melody (My Twinn 18" Adopt A Friend)

I had a plan. After my boys were all done I was going to go to My Twinn and create a custom doll. I knew exactly what I wanted because I was going to make a Melody Guthrie doll. She is a Marvel Comics character and Sam and Jay Guthrie's little sister. She had no wings but she could fly and then she lost her powers. She's a very minor character but I have some major love for the Guthrie family and since I wanted a My Twinn 18" doll anyway, she was a good excuse to make one. But then My Twinn had a sale on their 18"Adopt a Friend Dolls! (Currently they are on sale again for $49 but I'm not sure how long it will last! Check them out here.)

One thing that anyone who reads this blog should have figured out by now is that I'm a sucker for dolls in need. I have some pristine dolls but I kind of love my imperfect ladies. My Twinn Adopt A Friend dolls hit all my buttons! They come in both the 23" and 18" sizes and, according to My Twinn's FAQ, they are made from the left over parts and the parts they couldn't use on custom dolls. I started looking for fun and then I found a beautiful girl with a sweet little smile and since she was so cheap I pounced!

A few days later she arrived!
 I like that they sent a catalog.

She came in a large pink box:

And here is the first real look at her:
She was attached to the box with a ribbon around her neck. The box looks like there was supposed to be a ribbon around her ankles too but it wasn't there. She was pretty loose in the box but luckily she doesn't seem to be damaged from it.

And here she is out of the packaging:
Bright face paint!
She came dressed in a yellow t-shirt, striped pants and a pair of simple white undies. I think her outfit is supposed to be pj's but I think it could it could work for day wear too.

My usual indoor picture taking spot is covered by a bookcase right now. So the next few pictures aren't very good but I did the best I could! Here is Mel front and back:

One thing about Adopt a Friend dolls is that the picture you pick them from only shows the doll from about the shoulders up. They do have a list of features but it only includes, skin, hair and eye color. So I had no idea how long her hair was going to be or what kind of texture it would have. But I figured that if I hated it I could always re-wig her. Luckily I love her hair!

It is about knee length and slightly curly. It was a mess straight out of the box but was pretty easy to tame.

Her hair was listed as strawberry blond but I think it's a bit more copper. You can see the color is a lot more red in the sun.
The wig is very interesting. It's made of blond and red hairs and from a distance it looks like one shade but up close you can easily see all the different colors.

The hair gets tangled pretty easily but the fiber is nice and smooth with no frizz. The wig is nice and thick in the back with quite a few short hairs. You can barely see the wig cap when her hair is parted in the back.

My one compliant is that it's a bit thin on top but overall it's still a very nice wig.

Her body is very similar to AG bodies with some slight differences. Her arms are a bit flatter, her legs are skinnier, her feet and hands are a little different, and her body in general is thinner and narrower. She can't stand on her own barefoot which surprised me!

Next to an AG doll you can see a lot of differences. Mel's neck is longer, she's not quite so stuffed, her shoulders are a lot more narrow and her face paint is a lot brighter!

Her eyes are not sleep eyes but they are a gorgeous light brown with a nice, realistic two tone pattern.
They are framed with long, reddish-brown lashes.

She wears AG clothes pretty well. They are a little loose on her but the shoes fit perfectly!
And she can stand in them!

My Life As clothing (from Walmart) fits her very well!

One of my very favorite things about her is her eyebrows!
They are thick but very delicately painted. They look very realistic to me! And that sweet half smile of hers is what made me pick her.

Here are a couple more extra pictures:
It started storming like five minutes after I took this picture! Love this time of year.
I am very pleased with this doll! My Twinn dolls have always creeped me out a tiny bit but I'm really glad I took the chance and bought her. Honestly she is a lot cuter in person than she was online. I think My Twinn would benefit from some better photographers, but I kind of enjoyed the suspense of seeing what she would really look like. I'm really tempted to get another one now but I think I'm going to wait awhile. I really need to stop adding dolls to my buy list!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my new addition! Till next time!


  1. She's very cute! She really does look different than she did online. And I really like her hair! Interesting that she can't stand alone though, without shoes I mean... hm...

    Can't wait to see her!

    1. Maybe it's just her? That is one issue with these adopt a friends, I'm not really sure what's part of her "imperfection" and what's just an issue with that brand of dolls!

      I can't wait for you to see her too!

    2. I'll get one eventually (probably after Louisville/St. Louis/let me see how many Louises I can cram in a parenthetical aside) and we will see what her issues are and compare them to Mel's issues and then maybe we will have a better composite of the brand!

  2. She's very pretty. Her eyes are especially beautiful, and the smile is sweet.

    1. Thank you! I'm very happy with her eyes. Brown eyes tend to look flat but hers are lovely and very lively I think!

  3. Thank you for sharing pics and your thoughts! I ordered an Adopt A Friend doll from this same sale and am waiting for her to arrive. The suspense about her hair is kind of fun. I have don't know how long it is, or if there's any curl to it. She's a strawberry blonde too, so it's good to get to see pictures of what the color looks like in real life. Maybe in the future they'll switch to a picture format that allows buyers to see the length of the dolls' hair. Congrats on your Melody!

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed the suspense. I was really nervous but super pleased when she arrived! I hope your girl makes you as happy as mine has made me :)

  4. right at the start she kind of creeped me out a little but then you dressed her up really nice and she looked SO much better!!!

    1. Thank you! I've really had to get used to her face. It's so much different from the rest of my dolls but now I think she's adorable!

  5. I have only one complaint about my My Twinn - her head is HUGE. I think they all are but seeing yours next to the AG, I think the neck exaggerates the head size. I actually call mine Maria Cabezon (Big Head!). She's quite pretty but next to the other dolls, she looks like she hasn't grown into her head yet. Melody doesn't have as much of a problem with that, it seems!

    1. Oh lol! I like the name! Mel's head seems very proportional to me. She's the only one I've seen in person though so I can't comment on the rest. Do you have an 18in or 23in doll?