Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fairies of Cottingley Glenn: Yarthkins

In January I got a new Fairy! And now I've finally gotten around to showing her off. So this is Yarthkins:

If you haven't read my first post about these fairy dolls you can do so here, but I'll do a quick recap for you! In 1997 a movie was made about the famous Cottingley Fairies it was calles FairyTale: A True Story and to tie in with the movie Playmates put out a series of 10 fairy dolls. I had a couple and I loved them but of course I lost them as I grew up. I recently remembered them and decided to go hunting and so far I have two.

Each of the fairies has a skill or talent. Yarthkins is the super fast, acrobatic fairy:

I'm not going to show the whole box again but I love the box art and wanted to give you guys a little better look at some of my favorite parts:
Here is a drawing of the Queen Mab and some toadstools.
And another lovely drawing of a fairy. It looks like it could be a vague representation of Shellycoat!

Here is Yarthkins out of her box:
She comes with the exact same stand that Hob did. Her very bright yellow hair is up in a pony tail on top of her head. I did check for bald patches and, unlike Hob, she doesn't have one! So her hair could potentially be down.

Her outfit is a silky, purple collar shaped like flower petals and a yellow, tulle bubble skirt.

Her painted on body suit is teal with yellow circles.
It covers her from neck to toes and goes down her arms to her wrists.

And of course it's covered in glitter! Luckily none of it sheds.
She has the same six points of articulation that Hob does.

Her face mold is the same as Hob's

Her eyes and eyelashes are green instead of blue though and her lips are a darker pink.

Here you can see you make-up a bit better and her delicately pointed ears:
Also I need to clean off her ear!
Yarthkins' rooting around her face isn't as nice as Hob's but still for a doll this tiny it's pretty good!

And here are a few extra shots:
Yarthkins in her natural habitat.

Showing of her waist joint.

And here she is in the flowers!

I am just as in love with Yarthkins as I am with Hob. Really these dolls just give me such a nostalgic happy that I'm pretty sure I'm going to squee over each one! Next I want to get one of the Royal Faires so I can show you all the difference. I really want Morgana or Queen Mab so keep your fingers crossed for me! Till next time!


  1. I love that last picture of her! I think I like Hob better but Yarthkins is gorgeous too!

    1. Thank you! I'm super thrilled with them both!

  2. I remember having one of these dolls and I've been searching for the name of the dolls for ages! I'm so glad I've found it! Thank you! I had the one called Lutey. Wish I'd kept it now!

    1. You are welcome! Seriously one of my favorite doll lines ever. I am still trying to slowly collect them.