Friday, July 19, 2013


Before I start I want to say thank you to everyone reading this! I've gotten a few really nice comments about my last post and I really appreciate all the support! You guys are great! Now to the post:

One of the goals for my collection is to have at least one example of every face mold American Girl has ever used. I'm actually one doll away from achieving that goal but I probably won't get that doll until Christmas or after!

Anyway, a few months back I got Kaya. Actually I got an amazing deal! I found a Kaya and a Samantha for sale together on ebay! I later sold the Samantha, since I already have one, for the same price I bought the both of them for so basically Kaya was free! Win!

So here is how the two of them arrived in the box:

(btw I'll apologize now for the quality of these first few pictures. They were taken a few months back and I was on my bed and never got around to taking proper pictures!)

And out of the box:

You can see how matted Kaya's hair was when I got her. From what I understand this sort of thing happens a lot to these dolls when their hair gets taken out of the original braids.  She had a few marks but the biggest problem was obviously her hair!

It took me about 15 to 20 minutes and a broken brush to be able to braid half of her hair! But eventually I got both sides untangled and braided and she stayed that way for a while! When I moved (I moved from Kansas to Tennessee in the last few months) and got my dolls unpacked I decided to mess with her hair a little bit more and see what I could do with it!

So the first thing I did was wash it with baby shampoo and condition it. It actually came out so nice and soft that I decided not to do a downy dunk!

But I still wasn't totally satisfied so today I did a little straightening and I took a few pictures for you all!
You can see how shiny it is! I just love Kaya with her hair down!

Kaya hiding in the bushes.

This is my absolute favorite picture of her! I find that Kaya is a lot like Addy. Most of the time you see a pretty doll but every now and then you see her from a certain angle and she's just stunning!

And last but not least the back of her hair all done:

There is still one problem with her hair and that is that the little hairs at her part are very dry but since I love her hair down I'm not too worried about it! I am very happy with how she turned out and I had the best time taking pictures with her today! She's such a beauty!

And because some of you may be curious:
There is Sam all cleaned up and properly dressed before I sold her!

Some news! Molly is on her way and I can hardly stand the wait! She should be here next week sometime! Also today I got what I was waiting on for Doll B! She will be mailed first thing Monday; so keep your eyes peeled for her big reveal next week as well as Molly's!

Until next time guys!


  1. That is amazing!!!!
    Now I know what to do when my AG doll's hair gets matted
    (sometimes I lend it to a younger cousin and always regret it afterwards)
    She is stunning!!!!!

    1. Thank you! Kaya is such a beautiful doll! Just make sure you watch a ton of tutorials before you straighten your dolls' hair! It has to be really wet and the straightener needs to be on very low heat or the hair could melt! Good lu

  2. Thanks
    I read on the AG website not to use hot tools in your doll's hair so I assumed that you were being really careful with the flat iron
    that picture is absolutely stunning
    this may sound a little weird but I have been looking for a really beautiful artsy picture of an AG doll on the internet and can't find any that suit my fancy
    am I allowed to use that picture of Kaya?
    I don't mind if i'm not
    this is SUCH an amazing blog!!!!!!!

    1. LOL I figured you would know but I don't want anyone ruining their doll because of something I did to one of mine! You are welcome to use whatever picture you like just please link back to this blog or give me credit somehow? I would appreciate it! Thank you for all your kind words!

    2. Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!
      I'll definitely mention you and your blog
      I have already told some of my friends about my new obsession!!!!!!

    3. No problem and thank you! Doll obsessions are the best!