Tuesday, July 9, 2013

just a quick hello!

This weekend I traveled to Columbia and Kansas City to visit some family! I had a really great time and luckily I got to stop in to the American Girl store briefly to pick up a few things! But you guys are only going to get to see one of those things for right now! The others are for my project dolls and you will get to see all of that when they are done!

Everyone has probably heard that Molly and Emily are being archived this year so with the urging of my husband I picked up Molly's Polka-Dot Outfit! Now I don't actually have a Molly yet, I want a white bodied Molly and I'm waiting till I find the right one, so this outfit is going to be modeled for you by Lilly!

A little information about this doll:

She is a JLY #4 from either 2000 or 2001 judging by the outfit she came in. I got her off of ebay with another doll, so of course her outfit could have been changed!

On to the outfit!
The outfit is a two piece blouse and skirt combo. They are both made of a light blue fabric with white polka dots.

The top has a lace trimmed peter pan collar and cap sleeves. My favorite part is the row of matching buttons down the front!

The sash actually ties in the back! Note my awesome bow tying skillz. Yeah. Also please ignore how much my carpet needs vacuumed! I swear I'll do it tomorrow!

The skirt is pretty simple; it just has elastic in the back to help get the skirt over my doll's rear end! But my absolute favorite part of this outfit and pretty much the whole reason I picked this one are the shoes!

They are adorable white t-strap shoes! So cute!

Have a few more pictures of Lilly!
Her full name is Lillian Mei.
She's a quiet girl who likes books and wouldn't be caught dead in pants! Her very best friend is the doll that came with her but I will talk about her later! You'll probably see more of them at some point!
Well that concludes my super dorky post! Till next time!

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