Saturday, July 13, 2013

Project update! Wigs!

To see the previous entries about this project you can go here Part 1 and here Part 2 Also I forgot to mention this in my other posts but if you click on the pictures they get bigger!

This week I got the wig for Doll A (the one I'm keeping) and so I put it on! Like most thing in customizing dolls gluing on a wig sounds easy but it's a pain!

What you need:
One bald doll, a wig and some glue! I like to use Aleene's clear gel tacky glue, but a lot of people swear by gorilla glue. Basically you just need a strong glue that isn't going to mess up the vinyl or the wig. Note: before I glue the wig on I like to try it on my doll and mess with it a bit to see how I want it to sit. I usually think on it for a couple of days actually!

Here you can see the her hair line where the old wig sat. I start by putting a little glue all the way around that line.

Then I put it on the rest of the scalp and smear it around with my finger so the entire scalp is covered in a thin layer of glue.

First you want to flip the wig inside out and make sure that it is in a pony tail so that you don't get any stray hairs under the wig cap and in the glue. With my hand in the wig I usually start by getting the front of the wig where I want it and then easing the rest of the wig cap over her head. The hard part is adjusting the wig after it is on. Luckily the glue doesn't set up right away so it can take some fiddling. If you do get any glue on the hair it's okay; the glue comes right out with warm water!

Here she is:
I usually leave the wig alone for a day or so to make sure the glue sets up.

This project is almost done! Today I got a pair of arms so I can replace the chewed up hands on one of the dolls. I'm going to the hardware store tomorrow to pick up the things I need to do that! I'm also currently removing the ink stains off of the other one and once those things are done I'm finished and Doll B will be going off to her new home! I know my friend is very excited!

Till next time!


  1. Where do you get your wigs from?
    If you buy them from ebay then how do you know that they won't be like the one she came in?
    sounds like a stupid question but a lot of people "forget to mention" faults with the product

    1. Not a stupid question at all! I know lots of people sell wigs on eBay but I get all of mine from ruby red galleria here: I've had a few problems with them in the past but they have great wigs for a reasonable price and they've always made their mistakes right!