Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet Caroline

Well my project is done!

(If you would like to see all parts of this project you can go here Part 1 here Part 2, and here Part 3. )

And I am very very happy! But first I need to back up and tell you about the arms!

I got the arms I ordered in the mail on Saturday and can I just say that even I think that sounds really weird. Yeah! I got arms in the mail!! Anyway the seller had them wrapped up really well and she even put this cute sticker on them:

I was pretty tickled! So Sunday we went and got all the hardware and I got to work. Anybody who has come here from Facebook as probably already seen me do it so I'm not going to explain again but this is why I needed to do it:
Both of Doll B's hands were chewed up pretty badly! It took about half an hour and....

Here is the aftermath for you:

After I got the arms all taken care of the girls were finished! YAY! And now I can introduce you to Doll A, or as I'm going to call her Caroline:

Last year (2012) American girl released their Caroline and while I love her clothing I was pretty much meh about her looks. I think she's pretty but I was disappointed that she was another blond, blue eyed, classic face doll. I was really hoping for black hair! So when I started this project I spent a lot of time trying to decide what to do with the extra doll I was going to end up with. I didn't want another modern doll because I already have three and frankly that's enough! Eventually I had a brilliant idea! I could make my own Caroline the way I wanted to see her! (okay I really wanted violet eyes like Liz Taylor but this is close enough!) And here she is!

I 'm in love with the black curls next to the blue eyes!

Here is the back of her hair!

And a few artsy fartsy pictures of Caroline at the window for you guys!

She is wearing Caroline's Holiday Gown and I took a few closeups for you:

Here is the fabric itself.

A close up of the ribbon belt and the buckle.

A close up of the collar and sleeves.

And finally my favorite part: the embroidered lavender slippers! I love them!

I have one more picture to show you and that is a before and after!

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing the end product! But wait! When do you get to see Doll B finished? Well I'm waiting on something for her to arrive and then I'll be shipping her out! She'll probably leave here in the next two weeks and then I'll do a full post on her after my friend gets to see her!

I do have one more VERY exciting piece of news to share tonight! Last week I sold a Samantha doll on ebay and it just so happens that a decent white bodied Molly showed up in my price range this week! She should arrive soon and I am thrilled! She's not perfect but then what 23 year old play doll is? I will do a full post on her when she gets here and then probably another detailing her restoration! I can't wait!!

Till next time!


  1. She is lovely! I think I'm almost as excited about Molly as you are!

    1. I'm so excited! It was like fate! She was exactly $4 more than I made off of Samantha! And thank you!

  2. She looks terrific! Such a beauty. So glad you are sharing your customization adventures here.

    1. Thank you so much! Customization is SO addictive!

  3. She is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these. I've just started out doing a rewig and basic restringing/cleaning and it truly is addictive. I think I like the dolls at least as much as my 8 year old if not more. :) I can't wait to see the pictures of your friend's doll...I have an Elizabeth I want to customize, and one of the things I was thinking of was an eye swap to give her bright green eyes like Felicity. Looks to me like that's what you're doing and I'm eager to see the results. Do you mind sharing where you got this wig? I'm also thinking of a dark wig for Elizabeth. I figure that way she'll still look good even if I chicken out on the

    1. Thank you so much! You have no idea what it means to me to get such a nice compliment!

      I find anything to do with American Girl highly addictive but once you start customizing it's impossible to stop! I got both of the wigs at ruby red gallaria, and they are very high quality. Feel free to ask questions when you get to the eye swap, it was the hardest part but I have to tell you a green eyed Elizabeth with dark hair is GORGEOUS! I can't wait for everyone to see!

      Thank you again for your comment! I'm really touched!

  4. Where do you get your wigs from?

    1. I get all of my wigs from ruby red galleria! Here: