Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Molly update

I'm keeping her! I can't help it, she's totally won me over even with all her faults! (Read all about her arrival here) So I'm looking for a leg and I'm working on her wig and removing her neck stains. I think I can live with everything else!

So what has she been up to?
Sitting on my bookshelf in the office waiting on her wig!

The wig is coming along well! Luckily I didn't have to really pry on it much. Since the glue was so old it kind of popped right off! Then it got a good washing!

I know, it kind of looks like a rat! I use Johnson's extra conditioning baby shampoo and whatever good conditioner I have at the moment! and then I let it dry over night!

The next day I started a downy dunk!
Since the wig is off her head the washing and the downy dunk are a million times easier! I just put her wig in a bowl with a lid, poured the downy over it and put the lid on! I left it in for two days since I wanted to be sure it sucked up all the moisture it could! I shook the bowl every now and then too. The wig is rinsed and drying right now so I'll show you the end results very soon!

I've also been working on the stains on her body with a Tide to go pen! It actually helped a little!

I'm working on my next step with that, but I don't want to take her apart till I have her leg so once she's clean I don't have to wait to get her back together!

I'm really nervous about repainting her face. I'm not artistic so I'm watching a lot of videos on it! We will just have to see how I do!

That's about all I have for now! I'll give you another update as soon as possible!

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