Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kit's Coat

American Girl is having a pretty good sale at the moment on a few select items! I managed to pick up Kit's coat for $18 and a Christmas present for someone else. Now normally things like coats and nightgowns are at the very bottom of my want list but I couldn't pass this up. Yesterday everything arrived!

American girl describes it as a double-breasted wool coat. It feels pretty wool like to me; either way it has a very thick and sturdy feel to it!

The back.

The pockets don't work, but the belt does! I think it's a nice little touch though it can be a little difficult to maneuver.

The front has four tiny grey buttons and the two on the right actually unbutton! I love the attention to detail that AG puts in their doll clothing. It would have been easier to use snaps and velcro but this coat has actual buttons and finished buttonholes! 

It's held closed by an additional third button inside.

Inside it's unlined but I don't think that's really a bad thing. The fabric is so thick and it feels so nice that I don't think a liner is necessary!

Kit looks very snuggly warm in it! Heck I'd love a coat like this. But probably not in August! For $18 this was definitely worth adding to my collection.

Today I got Molly's new leg and the hardware to tighten all her limbs! I'll probably be finishing her up and showing her off in the next week or so! Until then.


  1. That's really cute! I actually have a coat like this :P it came from maurices and it's brown and not grey and quite a bit thinner, but the style is the same!

  2. I'm pretty impressed with it! I think I remember you getting that coat :p

  3. I'm pretty sure I sent a pic immediately :P