Thursday, August 8, 2013


I have been resisting this kind of doll for a VERY long time. I LOVE monsters and witches and vampires so trust me Monster High has been calling my name for a very long time, and I have resisted! But then Bratzillaz showed up on the market and, unlike Monster High dolls, they have inset eyes! That is so cool but still I resisted!

Then they came out with the Switch-A-Witch sets! I think they are super cool and they have one with sparkly silver eyes. Really? Must you test me so universe? But still, I resisted! I stayed strong!

Until last weekend, when I went to Walmart and they had the one I most wanted on clearance for nine dollars. NINE DOLLARS. So I bought her!

Well there goes my self control! Meet Veau*:
I'm sorry I suck and I didn't think to take a picture before I tore her open so here is an official one from Amazon!

I immediately went home and took her out of the package; in fact I was slowly prying her open in the car while my husband drove! Anyway, we got home, I got her out of the box and I fell in love! She's so cool! But I hated her wig!

It doesn't look bad from the front really!

But check out this side view:

I decided that I was going to take it down! I think she looks amazing bald so if I totally messed up her wig oh well!
See? Gorgeous!
They did NOT want that thing to come down! After about ten minutes of carefully snipping rubber bands and thread I finally got it though and I discovered:
A mess. But I saw potential! Looks okay from this angle right? Well there was one problem other than the tangles.

There is no way to leave her hair down. Bummed I thought about it for a little bit, considered tossing it, but then I remembered I had been wanting to try a boil for doll hair.  I thought why not! I pretty much already ruined this wig! So I boiled some water, poured it over the wig, brushed it and set it on her to dry.

I would be the first to tell you that I am not a hairstylist. My repertoire is small to say the least but I had an idea!

I can do pig-tails!

And the best part is:
You really can't see the edge of the wig cap!  I'm pleased!

She's my little computer buddy!

Yes I am considering buying another but I'm really going to try not to. It's not that I don't love her! I am having so much fun posing her! It's that I don't want to spend money on these dolls when that money could go towards something from AG or A Girl for All Time. However, if I find another one I like for less than ten dollars it'll probably be coming home with me! I hope you enjoyed this little lapse in my self control as much as I did.

Till next time folks!

 * If you don't know anything about Bratzillaz they are all witches! So I named her after a famous historical witch, Marie Leveau!


  1. She's cute! I like Monster High, never really been a huge fan of any of the Bratz though :) This line isn't so bad, though! And her pigtails look cute :)

    1. Monster High has tempted me so much and I don't like Bratz at all but dude inset eyes and they're witches! It's kind of awesome! Though if I talk about paying full price for one STOP ME!

    2. Will do! LMAO. I think the problem with bratz is their name. Like you give a little girl a doll called bratz and they're more likely to be one or something. Isn't that dumb? LMFAO. I just feel like it's enabling bad behavior or something.

    3. Yeah I hear you! I really don't care for their faces but the Bratzillaz seem to have a different face all together!

    4. They DO have very pretty sparkly eyes...

  2. I have never really liked bratz and now you are tempting me to get a Bratzilla!!!!

    1. LOL I blame my bratzillaz on Emily over at the Toy Box Philosopher! The eyes are just too cool!

    2. SPARKLES!!!!!!!

    3. They are even prettier in real life!