Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Amelia - Your Victorian Girl

The second doll released by A Girl for All Time is Amelia, Your Victorian Girl! I bought her with amazon gift cards saved from Christmas and my birthday. Plus I got free shipping because I bought her through amazon! Go me!

Without further ado here is Amelia Elliot!

 She has bright blue eyes:
And beautiful wavy blond hair:
It's a lot coarser than Matilda's hair and thicker but I really like it and I think it's just as beautiful in it's own way!

She comes dressed in her school uniform. A blue blouse and skirt with a stripped collar, cuffs and underskirt.

The blouse:
and the skirt:
The skirt is two pieces sewn together and is gathered in the back to make a little bustle! Which you can see in this picture:

She also comes with a straw boater hat:

And absolutely adorable two-tone boots!
But they feel a little flimsy and light. They just aren't made as solidly as Matilda's grey velvet slippers. The upper parts of the shoes are made of a thin faux leather that stretches a bit when you tug them on. We also have here first case of velcro used which I'm not exactly happy about. One of the things that impressed me so much with Matilda is that there was no velcro and I'm a little sad to see it here but I do understand why. The little buttons are cute but they are just decoration. It would be difficult for children to work the tiny buttons and they would most likely eventually fall off and get lost. Instead the boots open on the inside with a strip of velcro.

In my opinion the reason that these shoes feel so flimsy is that the soles are made of foam. I think they would have been better off with a harder sole. It would have made them feel heavier and probably would have made the more durable. I'm just not sure how well these boots would hold up to heavy play.

Moving on!

I mentioned in my first post about Matilda that I was really impressed with her undergarments. It's an area that most companies understandably skimp on but not this one! Once again I am very impressed! Amelia's undergarments are completely different from Matilda's!

Her undergarments are made up of three pieces.

A stiff underskirt:

And a short undershirt and bloomers:

Under her bloomers are a pair of knee high stockings made from the same material as Matilda's:

Another thing that really impresses me about this company is that so far each doll has had it's own face mold. Which is impressive enough but somehow they look related! I find find this really fascinating and I would love to know how they do that. Here are a few comparisons for you:

Matilda has a sharper jaw line while Amelia's face is much rounder. They have the same shaped eyes but very different noses and mouths.

Matilda has a much longer and larger nose. Amelia's is pretty petite! You can also see Matilda's sharper jaw a little better here.

Amelia has all the same beautiful detailing and blushing that Matilda does and the same nine points of articulation. My Amelia's neck isn't quite as tight as Matilda's but that's probably just an issue with my doll and I don't really mind it! She still holds poses very well!

Like Matilda, Amelia has a book! It's call Amelia's Inheritance and I actually do own it. However I think I will talk about it in a separate post as this one is already crazy long. Instead have a few more pictures of Miss Amelia:

Contemplative in her undies

Holding her hat

Amelia with her favorite ancestress!
I hope you've enjoyed this look at Amelia! I am, once again, very impressed with the product A Girl for All time has put out and I look forward to getting my hands on their newest doll Clementine. Next up will be a post all about Amelia's party dress! Till next time!


  1. I can't wait til you get Clementine! I think she is going to be lovely.

    1. She is adorable!! And a redhead! I'll probably get her after Christmas!