Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jebby and.........

Before we begin I want to put a warning on this post. If you don't want to see disassembled dolls, dolls without eyes, or doll heads all by themselves sitting on my counter? Skip this one. Or don't, but don't say I didn't warn you! Now that we've got that out of the way!

Everyone remember this slightly terrifying sight?
Yup! Today we are going to continue with the saga of my boys.

Now I didn't mention this in my first post about Jeb because I hadn't opened him up yet and I wasn't really sure about this. But when I first saw him online I was a touch suspicious. Something about him didn't look quite right.  And when I got him I noticed a few more off things. His wig had some sort of paper under it and he definitely is a bit bug-eyed. It wasn't until I opened him up to fix his leg and saw this:
Not what that joint is supposed to look like at all! And remind me to put on some lotion please.
That I knew for sure. Jebby has a big secret. Jebby is a counterfeit doll!!

Now if I had been looking for a specific doll I would be upset and I would be sending him back and getting money back and all that jazz. But actually I'm kind of pleased. First, he was cheap. Second, for being counterfeit he's really nice. Third, I'm just going to custom him anyway. And finally fourth, I don't HAVE a counterfeit doll. Or I didn't. Anything that I don't have makes me happy so yeah I'm keeping him and I love him all the more for his big secret!

After I made that discovery and decided that I didn't care I got right down to business. My Jeb needed some work.

Look at all that dirt!

I didn't end up taking him totally apart to clean him but I did take all his stuffing out, put it in a bag and sprayed it with febreeze just to make sure there wouldn't be any smells.
To clean his limbs I used a paste of baking soda and water. It's gentle and it took the dirt right off!
Here you can see the difference. The top leg has been cleaned and the bottom hasn't.

After he was all clean I removed his eyes and set him aside for a moment because.....

I had a package! With a lovely new doll inside.
This is my other boy! I need to do a very neat and very special hair style to make him the character I want him to be. To do that hair style I need a perfectly smooth head and so I bought a bald doll!

He came in the current MAG meet outfit:
The skirt, boots and panties aren't too bad. But man that shirt! It doesn't get any better in person, I promise. The skirt will go to someone eventually, and the boots are Mel's but I'm so not sure what to do with that shirt. 

He also came with the innerstarU code and the charm necklace:
And this very nice little note.

I really love that AG offers the bald option. I love it even more that they will replace the head for free.  Love it!

I know I was curious so here are the backs of the two heads:

It really is nearly perfectly smooth!

Next up was an eye-swap!

A little over a year ago I did my very first eye-swap. It was actually my second or third post on this blog and it was A PAIN!! I struggled so much. This time around I was pretty nervous but I guess in the last year I've gotten better at it because this eye-swap went off without a hitch. Not one eye-lash damaged:
And yes the counterfeit doll eyes fit just fine!

After I finished the eye-swap, I put the boys back together and glued on Jeb's wig. Boy number two's hair gets a post all by itself and I might tell you his name then.... After that I gave Jeb new face paint and he's all done! But I'm not going to do a reveal today.

I know, I'm so mean. He just needs a few things before he's perfect!  I might re-paint his eyebrows too before I decide he's done done. He is so cute though and I can't wait to show you! Hopefully I'll be getting his clothes and accessories in the next week or so.

Well that's all for right now! I'm so excited about these two. They are perfect editions to my doll collection and I'm pretty proud of myself so far! I hope you guys are enjoying them as much as I am. Till next time!


  1. They look awesome! Excited for the reveal of doll 2 that I already know :P

  2. Interesting to see the insides of a fake AG (and I'm glad it wasn't a disappointment for you to discover it)!

    1. The disks actually work fairly well! I have no doubt real AG dolls are superior but I'm pleased with my little counterfeit boy :)

  3. You know... when I saw your original post of Jebby I thought he might be counterfeit... eyes just a little too round, I think. But COOL that you have such a unique treasure and I look eforward to seeing him all finished up. I'm suspensed on the new hairstyle for the bald boy!

    1. I knew when I saw him in, especially in person, that there was something off! But he turned out adorable! I should be able to do the big reveals soon! I'm just waiting on his pants and my other guy's shirt to get here. I just finished his hair today and I love it. I really hope the suspense is worth it!

    2. Is there a way to email you through this blog? I'm not seeing a link...

    3. I should probably fix that LOL! You can email me at uptomyeyeballsindolls@gmail.com

  4. You are so brave! I have not tried taking a doll apart YET, but it may happen. Great post!

    1. Thank you! The fist time i took one apart was terrifying but now it's not a big deal for me. Every time I make a custom I try to push myself. I can't wait to show off my boys :)

  5. You probably already know but zulily has Matilda and her cloak, green dress and nightgown set, all at a discount.

  6. I love the reaction you had to the counterfeit! He definitely is special! And I know he's going to look better after you are finished than he has ever looked before. :)

    1. He turned out so cute! I should be introducing them both soon! Thank you for your comment!