Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to give a doll a mohawk.

Woohoo a whole month later! Let's just say the last 3 weeks and change have been full of the crazies. Anyway, I've finally finished my special hair project. If you read the title of this post you know it's a mohawk! Seriously this turned out SO good and I'm going to show you how I did it!

First up? The materials:

It took me about a month to pick out hair. Really. Not even kidding.

I did some research and asked around a bit and ended up with a synthetic hair that is heat resistant and flame retardant....that seemed like a good idea. I also grabbed some gorilla super glue and some masking tape.

You may be wondering where I got the idea for how to do this. Well I watched this video forever ago (really most of the things I know I learned from her. Her videos are a great starting point) and while I was struggling to figure out how to make this particular doll's hair I remembered it and thought it could work. I seriously considered flocking his poor head first LMAO!

Moving on, we need one more thing! The doll:

First I used masking tape to map out where I wanted his hair to be:
It's thin towards the front and the back and gets gradually wider in the middle. I decided on this shape because I spent a lot of time looking at real mohawks and this looks the most natural I think.

Now once I had that done the rest was time consuming but easy.
You just draw a line of glue, press the hair down for a few seconds and repeat back and forth as close as possible till you reach the end!

Here is his head a little more than half way through:
I watched a good documentary on Bettie Page while working on this and it took almost the whole time!

And finally I had this:
Little to emo for my taste but that was taken care of quickly! I let the glue cure over night and then after a day or so of working up some courage my boy got a hair cut.

Now I was going to stop here and do another post introducing my boys but since I'm a jerk and made you guys wait a month for this I won't do that! So I would like you to meet my boys!

Jebediah (Jeb) Guthrie
In my house it's Jebediah Ross Guthrie. How dare marvel not give him a middle name!
Little brother to Sam, Jay and my own Melody, Jeb is a sweet little geek who always supports the Starks, has feels about the Lord of the Rings and is anxiously hopeful about the new Star Wars movie. He's also into football like his big brother Sam! Right now he's super obsessed with Minecraft though :P

He does wear glasses (he won't need to when he'd older!) but here is a picture with out them so you can see those big brown eyes:

Of course his favorite glasses glow in the dark.

Like Sam he has a wide responsible streak but like Jay can be a bit of a prankster.

He equally looks up to and loves to bug his two older brothers!

His best friend however is Mel:
They are so close in age sometimes they forget who is older but they are both very protective of the other. Most of the time you'll find Jeb curled up with a book while Melody is drawing near by. Unless he's conned her into playing some game with him!

And then there is Daken:
Daken is the half Japanese, half Canadian son of Wolverine and his wife Itsu. He was born in 1946 just after his mother was murdered. His father thought he had died with his mother and only found out years later that Daken survived.

Now Daken's real name is technically Akihiro, but that was given to him by his adoptive parents and that's a bit complicated. He doesn't have good feelings towards them in the comics and says that Akihiro isn't his true name. A case could be made for his name being James Howlett III however that was never a name he had in main stream continuity.  He uses Daken in the comics and even though it's not a nice name I'm all for letting the guy decide what he wants to be called. So Daken it is!

Why would I make a doll out of basically a really bad guy in the comics? Again he's one of those characters that is REALLY interesting but never really got the chance or focus that he deserved. He's a guy that has done lots of bad things but he'd not necessarily a bad guy. I mean even in the What If issue where his father got to keep him they were basically like LOL he's bad anyway! Rotten apple! Which I think is bull! He's been manipulated since the day he was born into hating his father......I could probably write an essay on this but the bottom line is that I like him, I think he's interesting and wanted him to get a better deal. Plus he has really cool and challenging hair!

My Daken of course is much less angry than his comic counter part!
He is the older brother of Laura, Ivy (who time travels at my house and is usually my stand in for Jubilee) and Amiko. He's usually pretty quiet and serious with a very no bull attitude. He's not going to coddle you. However he's very supportive and kind when he wants to be and the situation calls for it. He's one of those still waters run deep guys.

He's got a great sense of humor and when he's not reading something history related he's plotting pranks with Jebby!

His hair does naturally grow this way :P (his creators wanted him to be visually different from Wolverine *eye roll*)
 And yes it's supposed to be choppy and not professional looking. He cuts his own dang hair!

One more for the road:
I can't tell you how pleased I am with these two! I really feel like they turned out just the way I imagined and I'm honestly really proud of the mohawk. I am planning on doing another post about their clothing once they get a few more things. Kind of a Some Good Boy Stuff part two! But that has to wait till they get more stuff!

Thanks to a tip from one of you awesome people I got in on a couple of good deals for Matilda and so next will be some clothing reviews. I hope you enjoyed this, I know I have enjoyed the heck out of this project! Till next time, which will be much sooner than a month from now I promise!


  1. You made a Daken doll! Brilliant! That hair really turned out impressively.

    1. Thank you! I'm really pleased with it!

  2. These pics make it a lot easier to see his hair than the ones on my phone... I really like the choppy hair cut. Also yay, now I don't have to keep it secret either. :P

    They should be getting clothes and stuff from me pretty soon. Did I send Jeb's star wars things last time? I can't remember

    1. Yay! They are excited for more clothes! Poor not spoiled boys :p

      You did and Jeb loves them! I'll send you a picture with him playing with them.

    2. Funny story but I threw a bunch of crap away on Saturday and suddenly thought I threw his toys away.

  3. OMG. You're so brave! I LOVE Daken's cool look! Fantastic job! And Jebby is so very cute. Wonderfully done!

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty proud of my boys!