Sunday, December 21, 2014

Matilda's Cloak and Night Dress

Last time I make a promise. Man.

Last year I managed to do five posts leading up to Christmas and this year I'm already one behind but we can do it. Let's finish out the year strong! So today we are going to talk about Matilda's cloak and her night dress!
Thanks to one of you awesome people I was warned of a sale of Matilda things on Zulilly in Novemeber! I got Matilda's cloak and night dress for me and something for my bff's Matilda. Seriously Zulilly has had some amazing doll deals the past couple of months!

I love the design of AGfaT's boxes. The back of both has a nice little blurb about Matilda:
 The top corner has Matilda's name and some pretty swirls and a key:
 More pretty swirls, birds, etc. and the AGfaT logo towards the bottom:
If I could just get the individual designs with the construction of AG's boxes these would be perfect. They're so pretty but these boxes are a touch flimsy in my opinion.

Everything comes in an inner cardboard tray:

And is sewn to that tray:
It's not my favorite way but it works. And I didn't notice any holes this time.

First up the cloak:

It's made of dark burgundy velvet with a braided purple, velvet trim all the way around and a fur lined hood.

It closes at the throat with a beautiful frog closure:
Also in purple and you can see a close up of the braided trim here.

The cloak is lined with burgundy taffeta.
And it has a secret pocket!

It's hidden in the seam near an arm hole. It's held closed with a snap and is velvet lined. The pocket is fairly large and very nicely made, I can imagine that kids would have a blast hiding little notes in there!

Here it is on lovely miss Matilda:

As you can see it's very long and drapes beautifully. The arm holes are big enough to get her huge sleeves through but still look very nice. I like that they don't gape. The front of the cloak is open but still completely covers her dress.

Next up is the night dress and cap:
The gown is pretty simple. It's made out of white cotton with ruffles at the neckline, cuffs and hem.

The collar has elastic on the inside which makes it pretty easy to slip over Matilda's head.
No snaps or velcro here!

Her night cap is made out of the same material.
It ties under her chin and has a matching ruffle along the bottom edge.

And here it is on Matilda:
After playing in all those leaves Matilda had to come in and warm up by the fire!

Between the two I have to say that I'm most pleased about getting the cloak, but I really like the night dress. It's one of those things that was last on my list but I'm glad I have it. She looks so pretty!

Both meet the quality I have come to expect from A Girl for all Time. I love all the little details. The frog closure is amazing on the cloak. It's a little hard to work at first but it looks pretty sturdy. I also love the little hidden pocket. My favorite thing about the night dress is actually that there are no snaps. I really like the fact that it just slips over her head!

So which do you all like best?

Tomorrow will be a double post day. My birthday was last Monday and I have two new crew members to introduce. Tuesday I'll be doing something I've never done before on here but you'll have to wait and see what that is! And then Christmas Eve should also be something special. No review but a group photoshoot, weather permitting! Till tomorrow!


  1. That cloak is beautiful! I love the arm holes. And the night dress/cap are pretty much amazing!

    1. They were totally worth the money. Snag them the next time you find a good deal!