Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Red Hood Action Figure

Today, for the first time ever, I am going to review an action firgure. Cue the dramatic music.

This action figure to be exact:
Lately (after about five years of trying) my bff has gotten me into Batman. My comics budget is screaming but hey I'm happy! So for Christmas this year I received this bad boy. Red Hood and the Outlaws is one of my favorite titles mostly because I'm a Jason Todd fan. And I have a soft spot for Arsenal (thank you Arrow.)

The first thing I noticed is how nice the box is! Here is the back:
It has pictures of Red Hood and the rest of the Outlaws' action figures. We won't talk about Starfire right now.

It also has a nice close up and a little blurb:

The sides have a lovely graphic. Seriously I love the red side!
 And a picture of the action figure.

Here is one more picture before I took him out of the box:
It was a very easy unboxing. The top flap just opens and you slide out the inner cardboard tray and then pop out the plastic one.
He was attached to the plastic with three twist ties. One around his waist and the other two around his calves.

And then he just popped right out. Here he is finally free:

I have to say I'm really impressed with the paint and the sculpting. Especially with his clothing.
My only complaint about the paint job is the zipper of his jacket. It's pretty sloppily painted and not very detailed. But other than that I'm super impressed. Even the tiny buttons are painted well.

I really like the flair of his jacket. Especially the back:
It really gives him a nice sense of motion.

I also like that under his jacket is just as detailed as the rest of him:
so undignified
His hands and bladed gauntlets are equally detailed.
All his fingers but his pointer finger are molded together and curved to hold his guns. 

But by far my favorite part is the face:
The "hood" is pretty much straight out of the Red Hood and the Outlaws comic down to the angular cheeks and the pout!

He came we two guns.
They are really small and really hard to photograph but they are very detailed. Even the black part is textured.

They can either go in the holsters or be held in his hands.
It took me a while but he can hold them fairly naturally. His pointer fingers are even positioned to be next to the triggers.

He is larger than your run of the mill action figure:
Here he is with a Switch-a-Witch Bratzilla, my Famous Cover Series Nightcrawler and Mia's Batman for comparison.

And with baby Red Hood:

Kurt is not amused:
He says really? This guys gets a post before me?! Don't worry Kurt, I'll do a post about you someday!

Pouty Hood is pouty and unimpressed with Nightcrawler manhandling him:
But see! Isn't his face amazing? And his neck! Love all those little details.

He has 15 points of articulation not counting the blades on his gauntlets. Those are all move individually. All of his joints were very stiff but with some gentle working I got them going. His head moves a little bit but barely and I'm not sure if he is supposed to have a waist joint? But if he is supposed to have one mine doesn't move. It would look weird anyway!
His elbow joints are very strange. The first picture is the furthest his elbows can bend in. The second picture is how far the bend out. I'm not sure if maybe his elbow joint is turned wrong, but I tried turning it and it didn't do anything. I'll keep working on it!

His hip joint his extremely limited front to back but he can kind of do side splits:
Goooooo team!

He can kind of sit but he has to be propped up with his arms.
totes using kurt for a chair
All in all I really really like him! Even with the joint issues I had a blast playing with him and taking pictures. He looks like he came straight out of one of my favorite comics which gives me a happy every time I see him! I find it a little strange that such a detailed action figure doesn't have better articulation and I'm really interested to see what Arsenal is like. Probably going to have to get him too. But like I said it doesn't take away from my enjoyment and I love this guy so much! If you're a Red Hood fan I totally recommend him.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow again, but hopefully I'll still be able to take some good pictures. Either way come back for a post. Till then!


  1. I'm patient.

    I saw the Roy at vintage stock (I think anyway) the other day and he's awesome too! His bow looked really fantastic from the package. They also had a Batman.

    Mia's Batman and Kurt crack me up! Great post!

    1. He is forever Mia's now. I will have to do a post on Kurt now LMAO. Poor guy!

    2. Eh, they attach to weird things. Saige, Laura and the boys all pass this mini Jon Snow around. He's a blind box like your wolf (did you get a wolf?)

    3. I did! Jebby claimed him and the tribble we got from Loot Crate LOL