Monday, December 22, 2014

Welcome Home Mia!

My bestie and I tend to gift each other dolls once a year or so. Last Christmas she got me Kohanna for Christmas, this year I got her Matilda for her birthday and this year she got me Mia!
For my birthday. This is what Mia looked like when she got her.

Well what she looked like once Traci put her head back on. I guess the seller shipped her in two pieces and when Traci went to get Mia out of the box all she pulled out was a head...... Her mother was horrified.

Here is my Mia and her's bonding while she made something a little less.....cold to ship Mia in:

Mia is missing a few items of her meet outfit but I'll hunt them down eventually and anyway I got this adorable outfit:
This is the first picture I took of her. Poor Mia arrived on a day I was in the full throws of a lovely case of the flu or something. I've been sick for like a week! So she and I cuddled the rest of the day and I took no more meeting her pictures.

I'm finally feeling halfway human again and so now she can have a proper introduction:

Mia has been on my want list for a while because of her unique freckle pattern! Here it is compared to Kit's:

Mia's freckles are much more dense and scattered fairly evenly on her nose as well as her cheeks. Both sets of freckles are adorable though!

Traci also got me the Two-in-One Skating outfit for Mia:
Which is gorgeous on her. I will probably do a full post on that. It's a pretty cool set!

Mia has a few issues but nothing too major!
She has a small scrape on her nose and her limbs will need tightening eventually but her hair is still pretty nice and the rest of her vinyl is in great condition. Along with her body! I'm actually pretty pleased that she needs a touch of work. You know I like restoring dolls!

My Mia will probably stay close to her book personality. She will still be very much into skating.
But somewhere in my feverish state I decided she would be a Batman fan too and so she stole my little Bruce action figure! Yeah I'm super amused by that.

I'm so excited to have Mia here with us! She's certainly charmed me and the rest of the girls. Maybe it was because I was so sick when I got her but we've bonded really fast and hard. I hope you enjoyed today's posts.  Come back tomorrow for something new and interesting. Till then!


  1. GOSH DARNIT TO HECK I FORGOT ABOUT THAT MARK i was going to remove it i swear
    I'm glad you like her! And the outfit :)
    My Mia is a Captain America fan... I don't have a clue why