Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Today is our last day of posts before Christmas and so in the spirit of the season I'm totally going to rip off of my bff and post pictures of my dolls with a tree and with very few words!

 It's their tree of course and so they got to decorate it. Kanani and Mia started off with some garland!

 Charlie is fond of the owl ornaments. Addy is happy to help her pick the perfect spot!

 Felicity prefers the candy shaped ones. 

 Mel and Daken thought that the tree wasn't in the right spot so we had to carefully move it!

 Luckily no ornaments were broken and everyone else got to take their pictures in front of the tree. Here is Grace in her new dress!

 Jebby and Ivy

 Marta and Kirsten 


 Caroline in her new gown!

 Charity Jade and Lilly

Molly and Kit


 Kohanna who has officially been with us for a year now!


 Marie-Grace and Cecile

And finally Amelia and Matilda!

I was going to try and do a whole group shot but I ran out of energy and what little light I had today.  I'll try another time! 

From our doll family to yours, we wish you and very merry Christmas and we'll be seeing you again in 2015 with all kinds of new stuff and exciting projects! Till then!


  1. I love the photos! Your best friend dolls take such cute photos.

    1. Thank you and sorry for stealing your pics with tree thing :P I love all my little bff pairs!

    2. I don't care if you steal it LMAO. I used the big tree in the front room because the dolls' tree was kind of sad.

  2. #sorrynotsorry
    I was really reluctant to order Marie-Grace's because her skirt reminds me of a circus tent (WHY IS THIS SOMETHING I SAY ALL THE TIME) but I was glad I did; it's one of my favorite outfits ever. Yes I did order that like, 2 years ago, but still. If you find it on eBay GET IT it's beautiful ok that's all bye

    1. I have Cece's but I don't have the other yet and I didn't want Marie-Grace to be alone :p I'll get it soon :p