Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hello 2015!!

Well we are almost two weeks into 2015 now and thank goodness! 2014, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Doll wise it was a good year for me! My Extra Special Doll Grace finally came after some funny business with Fed-Ex. There were lots of clothing purchases. I got to go to the AG store in Denver and KC. My boys finally came to be and we welcomed a few more girls to the mix! So in that respect I was a very lucky person last year. But man 2014 was a very hard year both personally and nationally. Good things happened but there was a lot of bad and it overshadowed what good there was.

So welcome 2015! All new year, with new hope, and all new fancy blog tabs, and pictures and themes. Plus an all new Girl of the Year! Welcome Grace!

Yes, I know that I just got two new dolls for my birthday (my husband very helpfully pointed that out) but at 12:05 New Years day I placed my very first direct from the company Girl of the Year order! I'll talk more about why I wanted Grace and what I like about her in her introduction post but right now I have something else we need to talk about.

I love Grace, I really do, so the rest of this post isn't really anything bad about her. It's about American Girl as a whole and the choices they are making. I think I will always love this company. They've given me some of my best memories both as a kid and as an adult but wow, I am so disappointed right now. Once again they wasted a chance to add diversity to their Girl of the Year line. To let more than just little white girls know that they matter.

The last four years have been filled with white faces. Two classic molds, two Josefina molds, three with blue eyes, and one with hazel. Now I understand that it takes years of development to make a new doll. And I have no doubt that there are people at AG who are hearing us and understand why their fans are upset. But still four years in a row of white dolls. This means that there are little girls who don't remember there ever being a doll of color in the Girl of the Year line. That's just unacceptable.

I really don't feel qualified or capable of really explaining this issue but luckily I know someone who is. Neth over at American Girl Outsider wrote an amazing post all about why representation is so important. I know to many of you this might seem like a small issue but it's not. So please go read that post and support #‎AGDoCGotY not just once or twice but all year and every year until  American Girl hears us. All girls are important, let's make them feel like it. 

Till next time!


  1. Love the new bios and stuff! Mia wren's cousin will be here soon!

  2. Thanks! I'm not 100% done but it's done enough for now!