Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shiny Dick (Kotobukiya Nightwing)

For Christmas I got my bff/sister a Kotobukiya Nightwing! Nightwing aka Dick Grayson is her favorite DC character so it was pretty appropriate. The problem is when it came to my house the thing was so cool that, with her encouragement, I ended up buying one for myself.......

Now this really isn't going to be a review. It's more of a hey I got a really neat thing, look at all the pictures! But if you want more of a review type thing go check out her post about her Shiny Dick. Also I should probably explain that. See Kotobukiya is such a pain to try and figure out how to say that we just call the statues Shiny _______. So Nightwing is Shiny Dick, Green Arrow is Shiny Ollie, Robin is Shiny Dami and so on and so on. By the way don't go look at the Shiny Dami statue it's too cute for words! Okay and yeah, there is one more reason we call him Shiny Dick. I'm like a twelve year old......and it makes me giggle. Not sorry.

Now that we've got all that out of the way, let's get to the pictures!
Jason says wait, wait, wait. What the eff is this guy doing here?!

Shhhhhh Jason.

We, of course have, to start with the box:

It's such a pretty box! Clear on two sides.
Very decorated on the other two. That picture of Dick is pretty amazing!

The top clear with Nightwing, DC Comics and Kotobukiya logo/emblems.
oh so professional set up for pictures
I equally love and hate pretty boxes like this. On one hand it's a box and I need to throw it out, but on the other it's SO darn pretty. This is why I use smashbooks. 

He was super easy to get out. The top has a tab, you pull that and open the lid.
Dick was sandwiched between two plastic forms. Those pop open!

And he was in a plastic bag with just his head and arm exposed.
There wasn't even tape on that! Super easy packing job which I always appreciate.

And here he is all out of the packaging:
He came with a really nice plain base and this:
His escrima stick!

One of the coolest parts I think is that one of his hands has a little hole to hold it:
The stick isn't loose in his fist either, which I find reassuring. I almost lost the darn thing twice before I got around to putting it in his hand.

He's just so detailed. I mean look at all this different texture:
I think you can see it all a bit better here:
Also so shiny!

His open hand is just amazing:
I love the shape of the fingers and how much detail there is in his gauntlet and glove.

I especially love the webbing between his thumb and his pointer finger:
SO cool!

His legs are equally awesome:

He's even got little patches on the backs of his knees:
I mean you can normally skimp on the back of the knee and who would notice?! But there you have a cool little molded patch!

I also really like how he attaches to the base. Magnets in his feet!
No pegs! It makes him pretty easy to move and pose as much as he can. Which is basically just taking pictures of him from different angles. He's a statue so no articulation!

My Shiny Dick has a few minor paint defects above his mask but otherwise the paint job is kick butt!

And can we talk about this hair for a minute?!
So fab, so flowing, so well painted. And such nice sideburns!
Oh yeah, you know you're jelly of that hair. Heck I know I am! Way too fab.

Even though he has no articulation he's really fun to take pictures of.
I really like how dramatic his face is depending on the light and shadows. Also his pose is so dynamic!
And he has such a great sense of motion to him.

Jason is a little jealous of all this awesome I think:
He's like Grayson, get out! Door is that way.

I mean even mini Red Hood is like really?
You brought in this guy?!

Sorry boys. You're still my favorite Robin but Shiny Dick is here to stay!
Trust me though. If they ever make a Red Hood statue I will have that thing pre-ordered so fast my credit card will catch on fire!

I hope you enjoyed this not!review of Kotobukiya Nightwing. There will probably be more of these in my future. Not going to lie. Till next time!


  1. One of the coolest parts I think is that one of his hands has a little hole to hold it
    The stick isn't loose in his fist either

    Jokes almost write themselves.

    I loved your pictures. And I'm glad you like him! Sorry Jason.

    1. I rewrote that like 14 me that was the tamest version :P

  2. Also: if you can find it

    1. OMG WHY WOULD YOU SHOW ME THAT?! Darn it..........

    2. because i love you also because i'm a troll