Monday, September 15, 2014

Getting started on my boys!

Today was going to be all about Samantha's Meet Outfits at last, but I forgot to take ONE picture and now I have to wait till tomorrow to take it. So instead I'm going to talk about this box:
 Ohhhhh what could be in there?!

Yeah, that's a little terrifying...sorry! It's a boy! Or it's going to be.

I wasn't planning on buying/starting my boys quite yet but my dear bff sent me to an ebay auction last week and the doll was exactly what I needed and it was in pretty decent shape AND it was less that 40 bucks bin! So I pounced and today I got it:
He came in one of Addy's dresses (minus a few parts) that I already have so that will be going off to ebay once it gets cleaned up.

Mostly this doll is just really really dirty.
The paint is almost gone, which is a plus since I would have needed to remove it anyway.

 The wig is shredded. It's just a tangled, matted, dirty mess.

The glue was so old and dried out that I barely tugged and the thing came right off.

Here you can see how tangled it all is:
I am going to try and fix it up a bit.

So far I've washed and brushed it out. I've got a small collection of wigs I'm working on for one doll that I haven't bought yet so I'm trying to save this one if at all possible.

Back to the doll:
All the damage is very minor. Other than the dirt, someone has drawn on the mouth a little with pen and some of the eyelashes on the right eye have been cut.

There is also a small gouge on the left hand:

And he desperately needs to be restrung:

  Have I mentioned the dirt yet?
So far all I've done is removed the old wig. I've decided to entirely restring him and so I'm just going to clean him all up when I do that.  I think it will be the easiest way to ensure I get all the dirt. But unfortunately that has to wait till I have time to take him apart, clean him up and put him back together. (I can't stop half way or it'll bug me)

After that he is getting an eye swap sometime in the next couple of months when I buy my other boy and then I'll glue his wig on! It's been sitting here forever so it's pretty exciting to be close to using it. When I'm all done his name is going to be Jebediah (Jeb) Guthrie. He's the little brother of Sam and Jay (who belong to Traci) and Melody!

Honestly I'm so thrilled! I was a little bummed about the eyelashes but, truth be told, I'm not worried about it. It's not very noticeable and I got an amazing deal on this doll. I love talking about clothing but this is the kind of stuff I live for! I'm so excited to finally get started on this project and I hope you all are excited to see the results! Till next time!


  1. Welcome to the family Jebediah! That one picture isn't creepy and uterine looking at all :P


    1. Thank you! And that is exactly why I left it in :P

    2. What good am I for if it's not to enable and be like oh, look at this blue eyed classic mold doll laying around on ebay...? Don't you need this...? Of course you do! NO good, that's what. I would lose my title. And my lands. And all of my dowry.

    3. Heaven knows we don't want you to lose all that cattle!

  2. Is it an AG? It looks like a clone!?!?!

    1. I'm actually going to talk about that in my next post about him! But no he's not AG :)