Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Doll Family Photos

Okay this isn't a real post LOL. This is a my and my bff were messing around and taking pictures of our strangely related dolls for giggles and grins and then I promised I would post them. Also we took these after dark so yay flash. And now without further ado!

Doll Family Photos:

The sisters:
Laura, Ami and Ivy
 All the big girls:
Mel, Laura, Ami, Ivy, Saige
 The Guthrie siblings:
Sam and Jay with little sister Melody

The boys just back from Graceland:
Jay is a big fan!

 The boys with some of their favorite animals:

Jay and Laura
Awkward Prom pose
 Sam and Saige:
 Saige showing off her moves:
Sam says WHOA!

Ruthie and Kit in modern clothing for fun:
Committing such sacrilege here

Ruthie, Kit and Nellie:

 And last but not least:
 Ruthie with Elvis drumsticks!

Yeah....not gonna explain any of this.....Till next time!


  1. Thanks for sharing with us.The picture of Saige showing off her cheerleading moves is my favorite.
    Is Melody a My Twinn doll?

    1. Melody is a my twinn! My only one so far! And thank you :) we were just goofing off!

    2. She's beautiful! And since she's your twin, that makes you beautiful too.

    3. AWW! That is very nice of you to say! Unfortunately I look almost nothing like Melly! I bought her when My Twinn was having a sale on their 18in Adopt A Friend Dolls because she looks like a comic book character I love! But really thank you for the compliment :) It made me smile!