Sunday, August 31, 2014

Oh Sylvia

I'm back!! My vacation was awesome and then I started working full time as soon as I got back home so it has been a busy two weeks but here I am! And today we are going to talk about this little girl right here:
Photo used with permission from Traci

Nope, she's not mine! Her name is Sylvia and she belongs to my bff Traci over at A Wild Review Appears. Traci brought her to my house (with a WHOLE BUNCH of other dolls) so that I could check out her terrible hair and so that we could work on a solution.

She wasn't lying about the hair.

Here is Sylvia at my house:
This was right before we started working on her!
 I liked her curls but the fiber the hair is made out of is just terrible.
 It really doesn't look too bad in pictures but it was matted and tangled like no other.
And honestly it didn't feel nice. It wasn't textured! Her hair was soft and the fiber was smooth, but it was kind of sticky in a very odd way. The only way I can think to describe it is that it felt a lot like Halloween spider webs?
Hello my house last Halloween!
You know this stuff! Fun for decorating.....terrible for doll hair!

We decided to try washing it first:

I use Johnson's extra conditioning baby shampoo for doll hair, but any conditioning shampoo and conditioner works well! I don't have any special conditioner. We just used my anti-frizz (darn curly hair) conditioner because that's what I have right now!

Here is her hair after washing:
 It already felt a ton better! And then Traci spent a good little bit of time brushing and brushing.....
She just wants to be a part of your world!
 and brushing!

Here is the pile of hair that came out with my shampoo bottle for size comparison:
SO MUCH HAIR! But you really can't tell she lost any.

And finally here is her hair washed, brushed and drying:
And that is the end of this post! I know, how horrible of me, but if you would like to see how her hair turned out Traci is going to write a post shortly showing off  Sylvia's new do! It was actually a lot less work than I thought it would be. All she needed was a good wash and some brushing and her hair became very manageable! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and are looking forward to seeing the results.

I did order some things from the new Beforever release (OMG I LOVE IT!) and will be showing those off as soon as they get here. And I'll also be uploading some doll family photos soon! Till then.



    Yeah okay if I hadn't just driven six hours and spent the past few months like developing some major hatred for that hair I would NOT have been so discouraged... so I am sorry you didn't get to pull out all your awesome tricks. :/ Maybe when I decide she needs blue hair or something I will ship her back...

    1. Blue hair? LMAO!

      It's all good! If you're happy I'm happy!

    2. Yeah I think if I ever decide to go the shave her and put a wig on her route I will send her to you and just tell you to put some wild colored wig on her :P

    3. Also woot what is this I got a label!!

    4. You did indeed and I've used it twice tonight :P Scheduled post for Wednesday!