Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kirsten's Birthday Outfit

Traci is going to be here tomorrow!!

Continuing with what my dolls were wearing before I changed them into meet outfits in honor of my bff; we're going to talk about Kirsten's birthday outfit!

Jumping right in; the dress is pink gingham:

Of course it velcros up the back:

It has puff sleeves decorated with a white, cord bow and white rick rack:

The apron is plain white with rick rack trim at the hem, neckline and arm holes.

It fastens in the back with a small bit of velcro covered by a button.
Close up of the rick rack and button.

The outfit includes a daisy wreath for her hair!
It has a pink, satin bow in the back.

With this outfit she wears tan socks:
One thing I have always loved about Kirsten's clothing collection is her socks. They just feel so thick and nice! They have a very warm and cozy kind of vibe. This pair, I really like because of the light and dark contrast of the yarn in the ribbing.

And finally she wears her two tone boots:
I adore these boots! The construction is excellent, the laces are about the perfect length and I love the nice chocolate "leather" with the light tan. These are my favorite Kirsten boots!

Here the whole thing on my Kirsten:

I really love this one! I love how the pink looks next to her free flowing hair and the bright white of the apron. It has several nice little touches. The rick rack on the sleeves barely peeks out but is adorable and ties in with the apron. I also love that the bows on the sleeves aren't ribbon! The cord gives it a bit of a rustic look that feels very her.

Probably my favorite detail is the button on the back of the apron. I know it's just a plain white button but the addition of it creates an illusion. That this is a real outfit for a real girl. Maybe I'm just a little crazy :P but the button gives me a happy! I am a bit iffy on the daisy wreath, but I do think that something is missing without out so my Kirsten wears hers. I like the bow in the back.

So over all this is a great outfit! The colors are fresh and bright. The details are simple but make me very happy and she gets to wear my favorite boots! Thank you for putting up with all my random outfits lately. My next post should be about my vacation! Till then!


  1. Youuuuu could perhaps braid ribbons and daisies into her hair? That's kind of like the wreath thing but I think the halo looks very neat!

    My Anne doll has an outfit with buttons over velcro like that and I love it too!! I'm like, it looks convincing... but I don't have to do the work... I'm sewing clothes that way ;)

    This is an adorable dress! And we're on a final countdown yay!!

    1. I could! I might sometime when I'm feeling more creative.

      Yay less than 24 hours!

  2. She looks perfect!!! Very nicely done. The scale of the gingham is lovely. I was wondering are the boots American Girl? I haven't had my Kirsten very long and I must get some boots like that. Thank you.

    1. Thank you :) the boots are from ag! However when you start looking for them be careful and make sure you get boots with the pleasant company or American girl stickers on the bottom. There are a lot of off brand boots just like them out there!

      Unless you don't want to pay too much? Then the off brands are a really good option!