Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cecile's Meet Dress and Accessories

Today we are going to step away from what my dolls WERE wearing and talk about what one is wearing right now. Cecile is in her meet outfit and accessories in honor of my bff's visit in one week!!! Here she is:
Note: Cece is wearing her crinoline and chemise in all of these pictures
Let's take a look at it in a little closer detail:

Back and inside:
It's made of a dark blue satin. American girl calls it teal but it's a bit darker. It does have a greenish tinge in some lights so maybe dark teal? Like the fairy dress, they used the nice flat velcro which is wonderful! So far I haven't had any trouble with it catching the dress but I try to be careful.

The front of her bodice is pleated white material framed with black velvet. It has a cluster of red roses at the waist. The dress has puff sleeves that are fully lined in white.
It also is decorated with a thick, black velvet ribbon above the hem. 

Cece's boots are black faux-leather decorated with four gold buttons on the side, above scalloped edge. This is to make it look like the boots button up the side but actually:
They velcro down the back! I prefer this to Samantha's button shoes. I'm always afraid one of those darn buttons is going to fall off and get lost. This is far easier and more kid friendly.

Cecile comes with white pantalettes and ribbed, knee-high socks.
Her pantalettes are trimmed with scalloped eyelet lace.

And of course she comes with two small, white satin ribbons:

Cecile's meet accessories include a hat, necklace and white gloves.

My least favorite are the gloves.
Unfortunately because this is a doll and she doesn't have individual fingers her "gloves" are really mittens and look like it. Now these gloves are stitched to make it look like there are fingers but it doesn't work. Sorry, unless it's supposed to be an actual winter mitten I'm never going to dig "gloves" on these dolls. Cece never wears them!

I do, however, really like her necklace!
Someday I will get around to fixing that kink.
It's a pearl and gold pendant on a chain. The gold as been "antiqued" and even up close looks pretty good. I like the shape of the pendant and the design around the pearl. Even though it's not a terribly distinct design.

This necklace is much easier to put on that Marie-Grace's thank goodness and so I didn't mind taking it off for this picture. This chain is the perfect length and the clasp is easy. When I do Marie-Grace's meet outfit you will see why it NEVER leaves her neck.

Surprisingly my favorite part of this set is the hat!
It's a felt hat in the same shade of blue as her dress. It looks a lot like a pillbox hat but I don't believe it is. It is decorated with a ruched, black velvet ribbon, a large, red rosette and a huge red ribbon!

At first I really didn't care for this hat at all. But mostly that is because I wouldn't shove it down on her head all the way and so it looked dumb. I've lost my fear of destroying curly hair since then and so now I love it. I love the way the ribbon pokes over the top of her head like ears. I love that the rosette matches the little roses on her dress. I love that the velvet ribbon is ruched and so has a nice contrasting texture.  I really think it completes the outfit!

Here are a couple more pictures of Cece:
Just the dress and:
 She has such pretty eyes!

This is probably one of my favorite meet outfits. I love the how the colors look next to Cecile's hair and skin and I love how they bring out her eyes! The little details really make it for me. All the velvet and the pleating and the puff sleeves with the lining and then how perfectly her hat matches. ALL of that just makes this whole outfit feel like an American Girl product should feel. It's absolutely sumptuous, which is perfect for a girl of her wealth and social standing in New Orleans in her time!

Next up is Kirsten's Birthday Dress! I hope you all enjoyed this look at an amazing meet outfit and I will see you next time!


  1. Ha, I agree with you on Marie-Grace's necklace being such a pain! So much secondhand embarrassment that I had to ask my mom to help me dress my doll... in my twenties... LMAO.

    1. The chain is just so short! I got it but man!

    2. Because of Marie-Grace, every time I get a necklace with a doll (which is almost always), I give it some hardcore side-eye.

    3. LMAO I don't blame you! That was your first one and it's the hardest I've ever seen!