Thursday, July 31, 2014

Samantha's Tea Dress And Party Slippers

Today, in what-my-dolls-were-wearing-before-I-changed-them-into-meet-outfits, we are going to be taking a look at Samantha's Tea Dress and Party Slippers!

Just in case you haven't heard yet, Samantha is coming back with the launch of BeForever I believe. On the topic of  BeForever? I'm excited for it and I don't get a lot of the drama and flailing going on around the internet. I think paring down the number of dolls means that the company can focus more on the ones it has left and also I'm looking forward to the revamped meet outfits! Bascially I'm like new clothes for my girls? SCORE! (yes even if they are PANK) Plus new room for new dolls that aren't just accessories to other dolls!

With that out of the way, let's move on to the tea dress:

It is a thin white dress with pink ribbons (mine almost look coral) around the drop waist and cuffs. It also has lace at the collar, cuffs and hem. Here is the front:
And back:

Close up of the collar and the pleats at the throat:
And the ribbon and lace at the cuffs:

The dress comes with a collar:
The top is decorated with matching ribbon and a rosette.

The back is plain:
And the whole thing is edged in more lace!

Here is a close up of the rosette and the lace:

And last but not least, this outfit comes with a wide, matching, satin ribbon:
I believe this used to come with socks and I actually have them somewhere but they are so gross and old. I just put her in her white tights.

Most of the time this dress is shown with the White Party slippers seen below:
They are white, patent leather slippers!
With a pink bow on the strap.

I have always really liked this outfit and have very few issues with it. I have some trouble getting the dress and collar to look right together. I think maybe I'm doing it wrong? But it seems like I always take forever to get the waistband in the right spot. Also as an adult I see all this white for a child's toy and I cringe :P but none of that takes away my enjoyment.

The dress fits well and once I get it on right it looks adorable. The slippers are very sweet and easy to get on and off thanks to the snaps. They one issue with my pair is that some of the glue has turned yellow with age but other than the the bows and uppers of the shoe still look nice. 

Here are a couple more pictures:
I do love how the pink bow and all the white makes Samantha's dark hair pop.
So there you go! Samantha's Tea Dress and Party Slippers. I can't wait to see all her new outfits.

I haven't decided who will be next. I think Kaya and Kirsten are the only ones in outfits I haven't written about yet. Maybe I'll flip a coin. Till then!


  1. It's a very cute dress! Do Kirsten ;)

    I have the shoes too but won't be bringing them LMAO

    1. I shall! I think I'll probably do them both next week to be honest!

  2. I always liked that dress. Never bought it, but I could probably make it.

    Since you brought up BeForever, I'll say that for myself, the reason that I dislike it is that AG seems to be not worrying very much about complete historical accuracy anymore. The company may feel it is going to make more money this way, but since Pleasant Company was originally founded to help teach girls history, I dislike the change. It may be partially because I am an ardent amateur student of fashion history myself, though.

    1. I keep hearing that, about how AG isn't historically accurate anymore but nobody ever gives me examples!

      I totally understand if people don't like the changes. That's okay, but I'm a wait and see type. I want to see what they do before I judge and frankly the amount of hand wringing and flailing from grown women gets on my last nerve!

    2. I've got several examples, but I'll just give you one: Kit's meet dress. Could you even buy a dress in the 30's with matching buttons and shoes (of that unusual color)? Not to mention Kit's family is supposed to be suffering monetarily.

    3. Well frankly Kit has always had way too many shoes and clothes for her family's financial situation. I've always just thought she gets clothes from Ruthie or maybe she just had a large amount of clothes before their financial issues. But either way that's not a new problem.

      As far as the colors and buttons go? They made buttons of all different shapes and sizes. There is no reason to assume that they wouldn't have been able to find 3 matching buttons. Especially if the dress was bought new. Teal isn't a new color. I believe it was named in early 1920's. I think it actually comes from the type of bird. The name I mean. Shocking Pink aka Hot Pink was around in the 30's. Would she have been able to find those clothes/shoes? I don't know! I think the possibility is there. We do know that they didn't all wear dull colors.