Monday, September 8, 2014

Beforever Squee!!

 I got my very first box of Beforever things today!

When I first heard rumors about Beforever I have to admit that like most people I was very concerned but I shouldn't have been. Beforever is amazing!! In my opinion this revamp is the best thing to happen to the Historical girls in a long time. They needed the update and the attention. Plus it is really nice to have Samantha out of the archives. I'm hoping that in time Felicity, Kirsten and Molly might make a reappearance and I would love to see what they would look like as Beforever characters!

I wanted so many of the things! But practiced some major restraint and I only (only she says!) four and of course everything came with the new catalog.
Oh my gosh is this catalog beautiful! They took some amazing pictures for this launch and I want another one SO bad so I can cut it up for Smashbooking purposes. Everything is so gorgeous, and it all looks so fresh and new. Basically I'm in love!

The boxes got a new look too:
The front of the box has a lovely floral pattern with the age recommendation on the corner and the other three sides have the same pattern with a star in the middle.

One of the neat things I noticed while I was looking through the catalog is that each of the girls got a new flower symbol. Those flowers are incorporated in the the floral pattern on the box! Addy's is the one with the button in the middle at the very top and of course Samantha's is the rose under it and to the right. To the right of  Samantha's is Kit's and below it is Rebecca's I believe. I've found all of them but Josefina's and it must be there somewhere! I'm loving this attention to detail!

 So what was in those beautiful boxes?
 Well Addy and Samantha's Meet Dresses of course! And:
Their accessories!

American Girl did an amazing thing with this revamp. They gave us the option to purchase the Meet Outfits, no muss, no fuss, no proving we own the dolls and NO CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE! We get to order them right off the website! (That's a big deal if you're like me and you get phone anxiety.) I said this on their Facebook page but I want to say it again. Thank you AG! Thank you for no hoops.

Yes I do know that the outfits didn't come with the ribbons....I'll address that in the future.

Here is everything I got for Addy out of the box:

And all of Samantha's goodies:

First impressions are WOW and OMG and SQUEE! But I'll be going into greater depth on these feels later. It was an agonizing choice. Addy's new school dress is amazing and very high on my want list! But I'm not sure how long these Meet Outfits are going to be available and so I want to get them first. Kit's, Josefina's and Julie's are next and then Addy's school dress. I have a plan. I will stick to it! Maybe.....

I am very pleased with everything I got and with Beforever in general! I can't wait to see what AG does with it next and with the rumored My American Girl revamp. Fingers crossed for a new Meet Outfit! Later this week I'm planning on reviewing and comparing Samantha's Meet Outfits (the old and the new) and then the week after it's Addy's turn. I hope you all are as pleased as I am and I hope you enjoyed seeing this quick peek of what I got! Till next time!


  1. This looks awesome! I have to admit I want Samantha's accessories now instead of just Kit's. I'm really hoping they hold onto these through October!

    1. Fingers crossed for you! And for me! Samantha's stuff is nice. I'm actually really happy with it.

    2. It looks great! Cant' wait to read your review!

    3. I'm really hoping to have it done Thursday or Friday!

    4. I know I already got to see the pictures and everything but it's so much better on the computer...

    5. Lmao! The big pictures are much better! Easier to see.