Monday, April 27, 2015

Addy's Sewing Dress

Well my doll stuff has been put on the back burner a bit this month. I've been busy getting ready for my first 5K which is CRAZY. It's also in July. I'm also waiting on a few doll related things to arrive. I do have a new project started which you guys will see very soon. But today we're continuing with this year's special edition sets (at least the ones I like) and next up is Addy's Dress and Sewing Set:
Also before we start I want to apologize for all the boring indoor pictures recently. It's been raining almost every other day here lately and my yard is a swamp! So we just have to make do.

Here is everything you get in the box:
This set includes the dress, a pinafore, white socks, boots, a measuring tape, scissors and a pincushion.

Here is the front:

And back of the dress. It's unlined and closes with velcro down the back.

It's a fairly simple looking dress but the colors look gorgeous on Addy. Here she is in just the dress:
It has a gathered bodice:
And a nice wide waistband. It reminds me a bit of her Blue Dress in silhouette but it's not as fancy.

Of course it doesn't need to be! It comes with this fancy pinafore:
There is the front and the back.

It has two working pockets that are very nicely reinforced on the back:

It's also trimmed with purple ribbon:
One thing I love about this pinafore is that it ties instead of velcroes. That's a dash of realism that I love. My other favorite thing about this pinafore is that it has nice wide shoulder straps. They look adorable with the sleeves of her dress popping out under them.

The socks are just plain white, knit socks:
They're very similar to her new meet socks. Aka: nothing special and they'll probably end up in a  communal pile.

The boots are made of white canvas:
They have shiny black toes and a lace on the side. Unfortunately this is not a real lace and the shoes velcro up the back.

I decided to compare these new shoes with Addy's Lace-Up Boots.
Old boots on the left, new boots on the right
They were only retired last year but it's very easy to see the decline in quality between the two.

The new boots don't even have eyelets for the laces to go through.

Here is a close up of the eyelets and the laces of the older boots.
The new boots are well constructed and made out of very similar materials. When I say there is a decline in the quality I don't mean in construction but more in design. I also understand that tying small laces is hard for little fingers and that velcro is much easier for children. However, the new boots are missing a certain realism that you get from having actual ties on these shoes. It's a realism that I would have preferred as a child. Addy is wearing the new boots right now but after this they will probably be stuck in her box never to be used again. I have better ones!

Moving on to the sewing accessories; we'll start with the pincushion:
It's in the shape of a bird, sitting on a cushion with a cream, plastic base. The bird and cushion parts are flocked in purple with blue and green swirls on the wings of the bird. It also has two silver, plastic "pins" set under the bird.

On the AG website it says that Addy can hold this pincushion.
But I was only able to achieve that goal with the aid of clear rubber bands. Still it looks very cute in her hand!

She also gets a small measuring tape:
It's made out of a yellow ribbon and has brown plastic ends. It's very cute and I love the font they used for the numbers!

And finally we are at the scissors:
They are grey, molded plastic and they actually to open and close!

With some fiddling and some trial and error I got Addy to hold them:
All by herself even! These might be my favorite accessory in this set. I like the pointed handles and the molded details and the fact that they open and close! My one complaint is that they feel a bit flimsy and I'm not too sure how they would hold up against a kid. But otherwise? Love them!

I also love that the scissors and tape measure easily fit into a pocket:
It's so cute!

Here is one more picture of Addy with everything:
Doesn't she looks so cute?

And now comes my favorite part of the post. The part where I just spam some pictures for the fun of it!

Here is my gorgeous Addy:
I really do love how these colors look on her!

Addy showing off her pincushion holding skills:

Addy dreaming up a new dress to make for her Ida Bean:

One more close up of the pincushion:
It's really cute to be honest!

And finally have an extra Ida Bean shot:
One of these days I'll do more pictures of her!

And that's about it. Final thoughts? Well I love the dress and the pinafore. The dress has gorgeous colors that look amazing on Addy and the simplicity of the design ensure that the pattern isn't fighting with the dress for supremacy. Or with the pinafore! That pinafore might be one of my favorite ones ever. The ribbons, the wide straps and the pockets make this my favorite piece of the whole set. The socks and boots I can pretty much live without. Especially after Kaya's amazing boots, I find Addy's very disappointing. However the accessories are amazing, well made and adorable! I especially love how things look in her pockets.

This is a set I am pleased to have in my collection. Even with the boots of disappointment, I'm still thrilled. And I just love the way it all looks on her. Of course Addy looks good in just about anything!
I hope you guys enjoyed this look at Addy's new sewing dress. Next time I'll be showing you my newest project and then we have one more special edition set to get through! Till then!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It really is an adorable set!

  2. I love almost everything about this set (the style, the colours, the boots), but what I'm really in love with is that little bird pincushion. I'm tempted to pick it up just for that!

    1. The pincushion is adorable! I think the only thing that would make it better is if it weren't solid plastic. But it'll probably hold up better this way than if it were squishy. I highly recommend this set!

  3. That pincushion looks a bit like a peep, don't you think?

    1. Oh my gosh, you're so right! Lmao I never thought of that!

    2. Just don't eat it. Or microwave it.

    3. I will resist the temptation ;)

  4. Boots of disappointment LMAO.

    The dress and pinafore are very cute! I haven't gotten any of the special editions yet but they're on my list.

    1. I think I would like them better if I didn't have the better (in my opinion) boots already but they're not HORRIBLE. Just they've produced better in the past. They're still cute boots! It reminds me a bit of Samantha's high button shoes. They have real buttons and are so amazing that when they used velcro for Cece's and Marie-Grace's boots it was a little sad. Though I understand more with buttons than with laces. Plus you know the teacher in me is like COME ON KIDS NEED TO PRACTICE THIS!! :P

      I've honestly been very pleased with the special editions for this year. I think AG learned from the mistakes of last year.

  5. I didn't realize until you showed em the pinafore had enforcements at the top. Good job, AG!

    1. I was actually pretty impressed with that. People can say all they want that Mattel isn't doing a good job or that they're turning out a cheap product but then they'll do something like that and I'm just like *nods* yup, they can have all my money!