Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yay Halloween Clearence!!

While I was in Walmart today I decided to take a look at their Halloween clearence and I found all sorts of fun things for my dolls! Check it out:
 my HAUL
I got three mini hats, three sets of wings and five clip-on hair pieces for a little over 20 dollars. Not too shabby! Also I'm sorry about the picture quality in this post! It was dark inside my house today.

I got a black velvet top hat with a fabric rose and some skull decorations, a shiny blue hat with peacock feathers, and a shiny yellow witch had with feathers and a spider covered veil! That one is my favorite! I think they look pretty good on the girls:
They also had this adorable pirate hat that I almost got but all the ones I found were either dirty or misshapen. It was sad.

There were a ton of different hair pieces but I practiced some self control and only got five! Four long pieces and one short:
Probably going to have to go back and get more.....
The bright red and the rainbow are probably my favorites but the others are neat too! The purple is tiger striped, the blue has cheetah spots and the green just has thick stripes.

Since Jade is the usually the only one who wears these things she's going to model a few for you! First up the red:
please ignore my translucent hands!
This is a short piece meant to be used as bangs. I couldn't get it to work as bangs for Jade but
I still think it looks really nice! It's a vibrant pop! of color! I might try to do bangs again when I have more time and patience!

Next up is the rainbow piece:
I really  love this one!
It is much more subtle in her hair than I would have guessed but that makes me love it more!

And last is the purple:

Had to do the purple! It's Jade's favorite color plus the tiger stripes are so cool!
These things are just neater than heck! I love them and it's a real easy way to add some awesome to an outfit!

Now of course these are way too long for her hair!
sooooooo looooooong
But since they cost me less than two dollars apiece I have no problem trimming them! I wouldn't be able to do that with AG's twelve dollar package and I get a lot more variety this way.

The best thing I got today are the wings!
They are actually meant for dogs but they are the perfect size for dolls and they were less than two dollars apiece!

Since they were made for dogs I did have to shorten the straps some but it wasn't a big deal.

Jade is wearing the small purple butterfly wings, Lilly is wearing the large rainbow wings and Kanani is wearing the devil wings! Aren't the cute!?

I'm thinking my girls are going to have so great costumes next year and I didn't even have to spend a whole lot. What kind of awesome deals have you all found on clearance?

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