Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Let's Talk About Marta: Part Three

I'm going to finish this up quickly I said! Yeah a week later and I'm finishing it the day before Thanksgiving. Go me! Anyway! Welcome to the last post about the creation of my very first custom doll Marta! If you haven't already you might want to read parts one and two before going on to this one. Now without further ado:

One thing I forgot to talk about last time is Marta's eyes. Obviously Pre-Marta, who started out life as a Felicity, has green eyes. It isn't clear what color eyes Marta has in the books. Here is a picture of her again:
They are probably supposed to be blue or grey but I decided that it's so hard to tell what color they are from the pictures that they very well could be green. Basically she's my doll and she's going to have green eyes darn it!

After I decided that I was going to make Marta I had to find the proper wig. I wanted something fairly long and blond of course, but I didn't want it to be stick straight. After a lot of searching I chose this one:
Seen in here in auburn

AD0008D Wavy Frosted Blonde Parting Wig for 18" Girl from Ruby Red Galleria. It is a lot curlier than it is in that picture! I took wavy to mean wavy but it's more like AG Caroline's hair. Either way I love the wig so it's okay.

Here you can see the bleach stains on her body better.
And here she is right after I glued it on! I use Aleene's clear gel tacky glue for gluing on wigs. I like it because it holds firm but it's still pretty easy to get off if I need to remove the wig for some reason. I've heard that gorilla glue works well too.

After a night of letting the glue dry she was all finished and here you can see her before and after!

The last step in creating Marta is putting together her wardrobe. Right now it's not very big; she has one Swedish Dirndl outfit and one spring dress and one pair of two-tone boots but I have my eye on a few things! I have probably said this before, but I am very picky about my dolls' clothing. Kirsten will only ever wear things from her collection and I very rarely have my dolls share clothing. Even then they only share if they are from the same time period. So Marta has worn a few of Kirsten's dresses but mostly that's just till she gets things of her own. The nice thing about putting together a wardrobe for a custom doll is that I've been able to check out all the crazy creative and talented people out there making clothes! I'm really enjoying the hunt so to speak.

How about some pictures!
Marta with her braid in her Swedish dirndl

Look at all that pretty hair!

Marta in her spring dress

Pretty Marta. I think this dress really brings out her eyes!

So what did Kirsten think about all this?
She was understandably thrilled to have Marta back!
I think they look beautiful together!
Reunited and it feels so good!

And that's about it for Marta! I hope you all have enjoyed this look into the creation of my first custom doll. Of course the second and third customs were Caroline and Laura and you can read about them starting here! So far both of my custom dolls have been made because I had an extra doll around and I'm a sucker. I think after Christmas I'm going to create a custom who is a completely new character and we will just see how that goes!

I hope everyone has a happy turkey day and I'll catch you all after! Till then!


  1. Wow, Marta is gorgeous! I've briefly considered making a custom best friend doll, such as Singing Bird or Samantha's twin cousins, but I've never customized a doll before.

    Your blog is very nice, the only downside to reading it is now I want more dolls!

    1. Thank you for all the compliments! I would love a Singing Bird but so far I haven't found a doll I like for her! The triple best friends are kind of a dream. Sam's cousins would be awesome! You should go for it!

  2. Can't wait to see after Christmas!

    1. Me either!! I'm really excited to get started!

  3. I enjoyed reading your three part saga about Marta. I've always wanted an AG doll but could never justify the expense -- not even for a used eBay doll! Where did you get the replacement arm?


    1. Thank you! Marta is getting a whole wardrobe from my bff soon that I'm very excited about! I'm an enabler so I say go get one! They are wonderful and really worth the cost!

      I get all my replacement limbs from eBay. I could send the dolls that need new limbs to the doll hospital but it's cheaper of I just do it myself so I do!