Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baby Crissy

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I got to spend mine with my mom and since I'm not going to be able to visit for Christmas I brought all her gifts with me. She was going to wait until Christmas to open them but that didn't happen and so I get to share with you the big thing that I got her!

Last year my mom mentioned sometime before Christmas that she would love it if I got and restored a Velvet or a Baby Crissy for her. I didn't! Instead I got her a Ms. Beasley doll. (Someday I'll have to tell you the story of my mom's Ms. Beasley but not today!) This year I decided that I would look for one of the dolls she had mentioned. So I went on e-bay and found a Baby Crissy I thought I could pretty easily fix and within a few days she arrived! If you don't know much about Baby Crissy you can read about her here.

I didn't have much time to fix her up so I got to work right away! Here she is almost fresh out of the box:
I have to say I was shocked when I opened her box! Baby Crissy is HUGE! I guess I wasn't paying attention when I read that she is 24 inches? I was expecting like a cabbage patch doll size not actual baby size.

She came dressed in this cute little jumper. It isn't original to her but it is pretty cute and since I haven't had the time to find a proper outfit this will do! It was a bit dirty but it came out beautifully after a quick soak and hand wash.

Under the jumper she was wearing a ruffled diaper. I decided it was too stained and torn to save so it got tossed!
She was also wearing a pair of ruffled socks and some leather shoes. I threw these out as well since Baby Crissy never came with shoes and they kind of smelled funny.

She smelled kind of funny. In fact the poor girl was filthy!
She was pretty much covered with a layer of grime.

The diaper left stains on her tummy and she also had some stains on her neck and arms!

Her eyes looked liked they were scuffed and scratched.

Her hair was a tangled mess as expected!

 No really look at that!

Soooooooo many tangles.

There were points where I was pretty sure I would never get her hair tangle free. It was matted so bad. But thanks to my trusty AG brush (poor thing needed some serious superglue therapy after we were done!) and some braid spray her ponytail came out looking like this:
 And it works!
She has such a cute little tushy!

So then it was on to the rest of her hair!
Even this part had tangles!

And finally it was done:
I love that color!

The top of her head:
  She still has one small bald spot but I don't think it's too bad!

I'm not sure what was on her eyes but thankfully they weren't scuff marks or scratches. A little water and q-tip and her eyes looked brand new! Almost all of the stains and dirt came right off the rest of her body with the help of a washcloth for her painted bits and a magic eraser for the rest. I swear those things are miracle workers. Even all those stains on her tummy came off easily!

And here she is finished:
All said and done this was a quick little fix! I had her looking pretty nice in one afternoon. We just had to wait on her jumper to dry over night.

Remember when I said somewhere up there that Baby Crissy is HUGE? Well here she is next to Ivy:
See what I mean? Sitting down she's almost as tall as Ivy and she is much much wider!

My mom was pretty thrilled! She was like "OH MY GOSH!! Do you know what this is!?" to my stepfather who then tried to RUN AWAY from the cute little baby doll. When I left she was hanging out with Ms. Beasley and I am very happy that I got to continue a little tradition with my mom! Till next time guys!


  1. I love her. She is currently hanging out in the recliner with Mrs Beasley!!

    1. I'm glad you love her! Maybe next year it'll be a Velvet!

  2. What year was your doll,was 1972 head with a 1973 body or both body and head 1973 I trying find out what th difference is