Saturday, December 21, 2013

Molly's Christmas Dress

Today was a particularly dim and gloomy day here at my house. I'm not complaining because I love storms, but it did rain all day and that made taking good pictures for today's holiday outfit very difficult! But we persevered, used artificial light and (with help from my very nice husband) we got enough pictures.

Molly's Christmas dress is probably my favorite outfit in her collection. I remember thinking it was very pretty when I was a kid and I always wanted it even though I didn't have her. I thought the velvet looked soft in the pictures and I love that dark shade of green. I bought this dress in St. Louis a few months back and here is it on my Molly:

The dress is made from green velvet. AG calls this shade evergreen, which is pretty accurate in my book. It's definitely a Christmas green! It has a row of teeny, decorative buttons down the front.

And cream crochet lace at the collar
 And sleeves!
The hem is plain and as usual the dress closes down the back with velcro!

The dress also comes with two cream colored, satin ribbons.

They make two sweet little bows at the end of Molly's braids!
And that's about it. That's part of the reason I like this dress so much, it's simple and yet very elegant!

Have a few more pictures!
Molly with some gifts

I was having a heck of a time getting Molly's glasses not to cast shadows on her face but I think she still looks gorgeous! I love my Molly and all of her issues.

No glasses
This dress is sold out but you can still easily get it on ebay for retail or under. It has been around since 1986 so there are plenty of them out there! Please don't pay more than retail but please do get it! It's a fairly simple but very cute dress that could be used not only for Molly but also for your modern girls. I have not one complaint about it.  See you tomorrow with another holiday dress and Happy Solstice everyone!

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