Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cozy Sweater Outfit

When I bought Lilly and Jade after Christmas last year they came in some not very nice outfits. Neither had shoes, both outfits were either torn or stained and both were smelly. Luckily at the time I lived in a city with an American Girl store so after they arrived I went and bought them each one outfit. Jade got the Cozy Sweater Outfit. It looks like this:
It comes with a pink sweater, grey leggings, dark pink knit boots and a headband.

The sweater is knit from a variegated pink yarn. The ribbed bottom edge of the sweater sits right about at the top of the thigh and the sweater has an overlapping cowl neck.

It has a cute little American Girl tag in the bottom corner.

The leggings are pretty plain but they really make the outfit. They are super soft and stretchy and cling to the doll's legs just right! I love the dark grey with the pink.

The boots are made from a dark pink, solid yarn. They have soft white soles and are decorated with two white buttons on the outside of each boot. I love these boots. Hands down they are my favorite part of this outfit! However, the tops don't have much stretch and there is no velcro so they can be very difficult to get on correctly. They are supposed to sit over the leggings and that can take some time and patience to get accomplished! Not very easy for kids to do I think, but still they are adorable and worth the effort!

The whole outfit is topped off with a headband! It's made of a shiny pink material and looks very nice against Jade's dark hair.

Now on to the fun pictures!
It's so chilly!
Jade trying to throw some leaves but failing because we couldn't get them to fall in front of the camera at the right time!

She decided that laying in them was more fun anyway!

It's been pretty cold here so we've had a fire going quite a bit. I decided to experiment taking pictures by the fire but my camera really isn't good enough to get nice shots with that little light. Still here are two of the better ones:

I  took both of these during the day with the curtains open. My camera needed that extra light!
Jade thinking deep thoughts by the fire
I just sincerely love this outfit and highly recommend it! Jade will spend a good majority of the winter months in it because it's just so darn cozy!

I'm not sure if I want to do reviews on all the Christmas dresses I have this year or not. One reason for that is I kind of wanted to wait till after my birthday (which is today) to do anything Christmas related and the other reason is that everyone else is doing them right now and they are doing such a nice job! But I think I will buck up and do a few here before the 25th gets here so look for that. Also I think we may have a new doll this week! Stay tuned!


  1. Verry cute outfit, your girl looks great in it.
    I would like to see some reviews, on christmas dresses from you so im glad to hear that you will atleast do a few.
    Getting a new doll is allways exiting.

    1. Thank you! I think Addy's Christmas dress is going to be first. I'm taking pictures of it today!