Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Felicity's Christmas Gown

It's Christmas Eve and time for my final holiday outfit review! Of course I saved Felicity for last so let's jump right in! Here she is in her blue Christmas gown:

I never had this as a child but I wanted it SO bad!! I loved the color and all the lace and of course the story behind it. So when I started collecting again as an adult it was one of the very first things I got for her.

This whole outfit has a ton of pieces. We are going to start at the the top with the pinner cap.
It's a piece of white fabric trimmed in lace with a blue satin bow attach to the back. There are two loops on the bottom to help attach the cap to Felicity's head. 

The actual dress is made up of three parts. The gown portion is blue taffeta.

It is trimmed at the collar with lace.
And down the front with a blue ribbon.

The sleeves are also trimmed with blue ribbon and lace.

 It comes with two stomachers that snap to the front of the gown. There is a lace stomacher.

And one trimmed in pink ribbons and pearls.

I never use the one with pink ribbons because I think the lace one is the proper stomacher (it was the one she had in the book!) but just for you guys here is the gown with the pink:
And it will mostly likely never get used again!

Under the gown is a blue taffeta petticoat. It velcros at the sides.

The dress also comes with a blue, satin ribbon choker with a pearl hanging from it. 

I'm pretty sure I don't have the proper hair ribbon for this but I have one that's close enough. Someday I'll get the right one!

And last but not least we have the shoes. They are white flats decorated with a blue bow and a pearl

Do I really need to say why I love this dress? Every detail from the lace to the ribbon trim on the front of the gown to the tiny pearls on the shoes is spot on. It's just a truly stunning gown! I think it's one of the best things AG has ever produced.
Getting ready to decorate the tree!
Look at how beautiful that blue is next to Felicity's red hair and pale skin. It's totally in my top 5 favorites dresses!
She has to find just the right spot for that ornament!
 Felicity wishes you all a Merry Christmas!
And so do I! Thank you for hanging out with us the last few days. We'll be back after Christmas with exciting posts about all the doll related things we were lucky to get. Till then!

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