Monday, December 23, 2013

Samantha's Cranberry Party Dress

I realized today that when I said I was going to do these reviews I said there might be 4 because I didn't want to do anything on Christmas day but that was on the 20th......soooo apparently I can't count. There will be 5 after all!

Today we are talking about Samantha's Cranberry Party Dress. It didn't register with me till just now but this is Samantha's first feature on the blog! It's a great dress for her premier post and here it is:

This is a three piece set consisting of the dress, tights and a hair ribbon. I got mine used so it didn't come with the tights but luckily I already had them. They are just plain white, ribbed tights. I didn't bother taking a closer picture since I'm sure you've seen them or at least you can imagine them.

The dress is cranberry taffeta.

It's trimmed with a lace collar.

 A white satin ribbon tied in a bow around the waist.

And poofy sleeves that end in a cuff closed with velcro.

The back is also held closed with velcro. The lace doesn't completely continue around to the back. Most of it stops at the shoulders but it does surround the collar of the dress and goes around the shoulder seams before stopping at the armpit.

The ribbon is wide and made of white satin. I honestly love this ribbon. It's so big and it feels so luxurious! 

The sun actually came out today so we got a few very nice pictures of Samantha in her dress all ready for Christmas. 
She is very pleased with all the gifts but very curious about what could be in them! I am too Sam.

And of course we had to read the Nutcracker!

Samantha says, "Hey! Clara looks like me in this book!"
She really does. I hadn't noticed till today and now that I have I'm pretty amused. They even have similar dresses!

One more for the road!
I hope you've enjoyed this look at Samantha's dress. Join us again tomorrow for the last holiday outfit review for this year! See you then.