Friday, December 20, 2013

Addy's Christmas Dress

I really thought about doing a 12 days of Christmas thing but I really don't have 12 days of Christmas/doll related things to talk about. This month and especially this week have been super frustrating. Unfortunately, I really haven't been motivated at all but I did take pictures of Addy in her dress for a review this week and I think that I'm going to do a 5 days of Christmas thing! Or maybe 4. I'm not sure if I'll want to do something on Christmas Day or not. We'll just see how this goes!

Moving on now.

Addy's Christmas dress is tied for my favorite AG holiday outfit of all time. I think it is by far the most visually interesting because there are just so many fabrics and colors and textures! Here it is:

So much going on! I love it!

The dress is made of a red and green plaid taffeta.

It has a white yoke trimmed with black ribbon and three tiny buttons on the bodice.
I love that little bow at her throat.
I did not know what a yoke was to be honest. I don't sew, I crochet, so I had to Google it. According to a free online dictionary a yoke is "a piece of a garment that is closely fitted, either around the neck and shoulders or at the hips, and from which an unfitted or gathered part of the garment is hung." The more you know right? It's adorable no matter what it is!

The dress also has the cutest little puff sleeves also trimmed with a black bow.

Around the waist is a black sash.

With fringe on the ends:

The sash unties and of course the back is closed with velcro.
The yoke and the ribbon trim continue on the back of the dress and I love that detail. It's a place AG could have cut corners but they didn't and it just adds that much more to the outfit!

It also comes with a green satin hair bow!

Which looks so beautiful in Addy's hair:
Yes Addy's hairstyle did change halfway through this photo shoot! 

What do I like about this dress? Every single thing.
Addy with a gift!
I love the white of the yoke next to her face, I love the red and the green next to her skin!

I adore that green ribbon!
Awww Hi Ida Bean
 She just looks so festive and cheerful!

And so very, very pretty.
Thank you to my best friend who bought this dress for me on her trip to St. Louis last year!

Addy was also part of that pictures by firelight experiment I did and while I'm not thrilled with how they turned out she still looks so pretty I just had to share:
See the flames in her eyes?
Such a lovely profile
I really just love this dress so much!
If you have Addy and you don't have this dress? Get it! I have not one bad thing to say about it and it is without a doubt worth the money! And I will see you all tomorrow with another dress.


  1. I love this dress too! It's so detailed for being so small!

    1. I know! Totally in my top five all time favorite AG dresses!