Monday, December 23, 2013

Josefina's Christmas Dress and Mantilla

Just a few more days till Christmas and I'm going strong on these reviews! I'm a little proud of myself. Today I want to talk about Josefina's Christmas Dress and Mantilla set. I don't know why but AG's website they have her in her fiesta dress for the holidays. This is her official Christmas outfit though and she looks stunning in it:

It is a four part set and we're going to start at the top with Josefina's mantilla

The mantilla is the lacy bit and is attached to a "tortoise" shell hair comb. Weird fact about my life: I actually know how to make very good fake tortoise shell and this isn't it but it's still very pretty!
I believe the comb is called a peineta.

The mantilla drapes beautifully over her head.

It falls at her shoulders or a little past depending on where you place the comb.

And it's covered in pretty little lace roses all around the edges and scattered throughout the rest.

Did I mention how pretty it drapes, especially around her face? I love it so much!

The dress itself is made of a yellow and black stripped material with a pattern of yellow swirls and red dots. They kind of look like berries on a vine to me!

The collar is ruffled.

And a black ribbon accentuates the empire waist. 

I'm not sure what these kind of sleeves are called but they are very pretty! The AG wiki calls them Regency-style so I'm going with that since they are usually correct.
They puff at the shoulders and then hug tight to the rest of the arm.

The back is closed with velcro. No surprise there but I love that the ribbon around the waist continues all the way around. 

Under her dress Josefina wears a one piece undergarment.

It's made of a thin white fabric and is held up with two thin straps.

It's decorated with two little white bows and three tiny buttons.

It also velcros down the back.
And it has the prettiest ruffled cuffs at the bottom.
This is what impresses me so much about this outfit. The undergarment isn't really visible under the dress so it didn't have to be included but it is! And not only that but it's adorable! Way to go AG.

This set also comes with a pair of plain white, knee(ish) high socks.

And a pair of black, slip-on, fake leather flats. 
Which could not be more perfect for this outfit if they tried. Simple yet very elegant!

I think this is probably my favorite of Josefina's outfits. That mantilla is just too gorgeous and the colors look so nice on her!
Ready for the holiday

Close up
It's still available from AG so go get it! I feel kind of bad because I've had nothing critical to say about the last three dresses.  Honestly I just feel like the holiday dresses for the historical girls are pretty much always top notch. I even like Kirsten's dress and I know nearly everyone else hates it. Thanks for sticking with me through these reviews and I'll see you all tomorrow with another!

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  1. A wonderful Christmas dress for your favorite doll. The outfit is perfect for the dolls.