Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Gymnastics Outfit For Ivy

Well I've had this outfit for quite a while. My sister picked it up for me when she went to St. Louis like last summer? I've actually had pictures for this review for at least three months but I am lame and hadn't gotten around to it....Sorry!  But as this set is currently being offered as a special (You can get it for $14 when you spend $50 right now. And I did check before I posted this to make sure it's still going today!) I thought now would be a good time to do it! So let's get this party started!

Here it is in the box:

This is a five piece set:

It includes a leotard, slippers, a scrunchie, a silver medal and a certificate.

The leotard is magenta with dark blue sleeves.
It's nice and stretchy and easy to put on. Of course it velcros down the back. You do need to be a bit careful not to get the fabric caught but since this isn't a drapey or flowy fabric it's not that hard to keep it out of the way.

The leotard is decorated with two diagonal white stripes and the Innerstar U logo on the hip.
The logo is almost like one of those iron on patches? I'm worried about it's durability over time but as I'm not planning on washing this thing often I hope that it will be okay. It seems like it would start to deteriorate if you stretched the fabric around it too much as well. I kind of wish it was more of an embroidered patch or just not there at all!

The slippers are plain white cloth with a soft leather-like sole.
They very thin, which I think is accurate, but they fit very well.
I was worried about how well they would stay on but I've had no problems with them falling off. She also stands very well in them in spite of the soft sole.

The scrunchie matches the body of the leotard:
Unfortunately it doesn't work well with Ivy's hair, but it's a well made little thing and has a home in my doll hair stuff drawer. It reminds me of my childhood obsession with scrunchies! My only complaint here is the HUGE tag. I'll probably be taking that off.

The certificate is small but well done:
The printing is clean, it's made of nice, thick cardstock, and it has a space for you to write your doll's name.

The medal is VERY nice:
It hangs from a red, white and blue woven cord that velcros around the neck. The medal itself is a heavy and actually feels like it's made of  actual metal. It has a trophy in the center with stars and laurel branches around it.
It says American Girl on the back. This might be my favorite part of the whole set. It's so well made and it has such a lovely shine to it! And the velcro "clasp" makes it very easy to put on and take off. Like I said, very nice!

And finally here it is on Ivy:
You can see the scrunchie on her wrist ;)

We did try for a few poses:

The leotard stretches well and stays put. Luckily there isn't too much stretching around the logo so I think it'll be okay? I really like that she can wear underwear with it and it's not visible. I don't know why but something about not having undies on with athletic wear icks me out. I also really like these colors on her!

Here she is with her medal:
I really like where it hangs!

Bottom line? This is a nice set that was worth the original price! It's definitely worth it if you buy it for 14 bucks right now. You get a lot of things and it's all well made and high quality. I like that the colors are dark, I love the medal and the slippers are surprisingly really nice! I think the whole set has great play value. The only down sides to it are the Innerstar Ulogo and that I really can't use the scrunchie with Ivy's hair. But that's not really a problem. It works well with longer hair!

One more pic of Ivy just for fun:
I hope you enjoyed this look at the current AG gymnastics outfit! It's a great set and I'm really glad to have it! So is Ivy. Till next time!


  1. Great pics, and wonderful review!

    - Ellie

  2. Awesome! The scrunchie looks really good when it's able to be used with the leotard (Callie wears her leo all the time and her hair's long enough for the scrunchie) :)

    1. It's super cute! Ivy could probably wear it if I could actually do hair :P but I'm glad you like it!

  3. Love the last two photos. I'm with you on the underwear!
    Jen @ DollsBetweenUs

    1. Thank you! Yeah the idea just icks me a little. I'm like.........good way to get an infection there......ew. LMAO!