Saturday, March 7, 2015

Holy Cats! A Cat...woman?

Hey from Georgia everyone!  I've been pretty busy visiting this week but today I'm finally ready to post this.

A few weeks ago I did a review on Surf's Up Batman  and since he was so genuinely cool I decided to go back to the store and see if I could find more. Luckily I found Catwoman! And here she is:
It's a Julie Newmar Catwoman!
I'm not going to show you the box into too much detail this time. The front is almost entirely the same!

However since she's not holding a giant surfboard you can see more of Batman and Robin's shapely legs:

Of course the bottom of the box says Catwoman:

Dick has a new "holy" but this one isn't as good:
Disappoint Dick, disappoint.

The back is unique to the figure:

The top has a paragraph about the lady herself and is full of purrfectly awful puns:

Like Batman's box, the center has a nice illustration.
I love her costume!

The bottom has the same screens only with Surf's Up Batman added in this time!
I swear though, if I hadn't seen Surf's Up Joker with my own eyes I wouldn't know he exists. I never see him on packaging or online hardly.

Here she is one more time before we get her out:

And here is everything in the box:
Like Batman, Catwoman comes with a stand and a collector card.

The collector card is made out of the same thick cardboard. It has a graphic of Catwoman and Batman on one side.
And a different graphic of the cave on the other!

Here are my two collector cards together:
It seems like I was right! These cards appear to make one big picture! Exciting!

The stand if the same half circle:
But Catwoman's says CRRAACK!

And finally here she is!
Her cat suit isn't purple but it's still pretty fabulous!

Her face and hair are very well done and I can see the resemblance to Julie Newmar. The hair and ears are so spot on!
Her makeup is fairly neutral but very well done too. I especially love her eyebrows!

Here is the figure from the back:

Her suit is mostly matte black but it has some brushed golden texturing and molded wrinkles in the "fabric."
It has a molded cowl neck. She's wearing a golden necklace and textured belt.

She has shiny black, elbow length gloves:
Her hands don't have claws though! I find it a little disappointing.

She's also wearing shiny, black ankle boots:

Unfortunately one of her legs is a little warped:
I'll probably try to fix it later.

As far as her articulation goes; it's actually not as good!

She has the same sort of neck joint Batman did.
But hers is a little more restricted because of her hair.

She has a shoulder joint and a bicep joint.
But for some reason it's fairly low on her arm. Her elbow and wrist joint are the same as Bruce's and work well.

She has one rotational waist joint.
But no front and back motion and no joint at her hips, above her belt.

She does have the same cool hip joint that allows her leg to move side ways.
As well as front to back.

Here are her side splits:
I couldn't get her to balance for front to back but she isn't as flexible either way!

She has a mid thigh joint:
And of course a knee joint.

She also has an ankle joint.
But it's a bit restricted due to the shape of her book.

So all in all I'm a bit disappointed in her mobility! She's just a bit stiffer and has fewer joints than Surf's Up Batman. 

But that doesn't mean she can't have some posing fun!

She's good at putting a sassy hand on her hip:
Very good at it:
So sassy!

Of course I had to try and recreate the pose from the collector card! This is my best attempt:
With Bruce's help of course ;) doesn't he look thrilled?

I feel like I've complained a lot but I still love her! I love her face. Her cat suit is amazing and very detailed. I wish she had claws like in her picture and I wish her articulation was a touch better but other than that she's awesome! I'm still loving this line and want more. I really want a Robin, the regular Batman and I really really want an Eartha Kitt era Catwoman! Give me more Mattel!

In other news my Mia Wren is back!
And she is thrilled with all the new Batman stuff we've acquired in her absence. Good to have you home Wrennie!

I hope you've enjoyed this look at Catwoman. I'm not sure I'll be getting anymore of these but they are amazing! If you can get a hold of one I highly recommend them. Till next time!


  1. Nice! I love the amount of articulation that these figures have.

    Of course she's not quite as ridiculously awesome as Batman's surf board and shorts, but then how many figures could compete with that kind of randomness? Thanks for sharing these!

    1. You're so right! Nothing can beat Bruce in board shorts! I'm so impressed with these still. Really just want the plain Batman now!