Sunday, May 17, 2015

Going to the park!

Today I had a chance to hang out with my AGC buddy IGSBeth again! We went to the park and took some awesome pictures.

I brought Grace:

And Charlie:

And my friend brought her Samantha:
And her new Makie! River Song:
This was my first time getting to play with a Makie. I've been VERY interested in them but I haven't bought one yet. That will probably change now. I took quite a few pictures of her LMAO!

Grace and River take a selfie:

Samantha has never seen a tree she didn't want to climb:

Charlie checking out some rocks by the lake:

Grace taking in some sun:

They have this really cool arbor:

Charlie had to get a good picture in it:

And we decided to take the first group picture:
Charlie and Grace took a nose dive trying to set this up LOL but they're okay!

Grace enjoying all the trees:

A close up of River and her gorgeous eyes:

 Grace wants to play hide and seek!

But she gets a close-up instead:

River is very adventurous!
We found a tall fence she just had to climb.

Another group picture in this amazing tree:

Pretty, pretty Samantha:
Next time we meet up Samantha is going to get some tightened limbs! I'm sure she's excited.

Charlie showing off her pretty dress:

Grace needed to show off her shoes:

Charlie lost her bow sometime but that's okay.
She's so gorgeous she doesn't need one!

River really is amazing:
I love her eyes and how interesting her skin texture is!
Makies are 3D printed so her hands have a grain like wood. It's so different! I'm a little obsessed with designing one now.

There were TONS of huge trees there! Grace liked this one the best:

But then it started sprinkling on us. So we got one more group picture:
And then we headed home!

I had so much fun! I never take my dolls out in public without a friend so it's always a treat. And I love hanging out with Beth :) She just started her own blog if you're interesting in seeing her pictures. I hope you guys enjoyed all of mine! I'm still working on my last special edition review so that should be up soon! Till then!


  1. Awesome! I'm glad someone's gotten to handle a Makie in person, LMAO, I'm kind of fascinated by them too...

  2. The makie doll texture is really interesting! Especially the close up on her hand. Grace is SO adorable!! It looks like they had a lot of fun :) You are so lucky to have a friend to go take pictures with!

    1. Thank you! Grace is one of my favorites. Also I agree! I'm very lucky :)

      Makie's are really interesting dolls. I really really want one now LMAO.

  3. I am loving the role of evil doll enabler! ;)

  4. LMAO it's always fun! I've been playing around with the maker since Sunday :P This means I totally need to encourage you on the A Girl for All Time front.

    1. Fair enough. They are gorgeous, and I keep an eye out for a bargain on ebay.

  5. Your blog is amazing! Your photography is too! I would really appreciate it if you would comment on my last two posts on maybe even follow my blog? It would really make my week!
    Eva :)

    1. Thank you for all the kind words :) Photography is something I'm always working on but I'm pleased with where I'm at right now!