Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kit's Chicken Keeping Set and an Exciting Annoucement!

The hubby and I took a little trip to Nashville over Memorial Day weekend and one of the places we went was the Hermitage. The Hermitage is President Andrew Jackson's former home and while I'm not a huge fan of the man; his home and the museum on the grounds are very interesting! They still have his wife's favorite wall paper on the walls of the home and it's in remarkable condition. Speaking of his wife (her name was Rachel) my favorite part was getting to walk in her garden. Here is one of the best pictures I took:
It is a very traditional English square garden and Rachel would walk in it everyday as well as grow herbs for some of her health problems! Another interesting thing about Rachel is that she was very attached to all her fowl and worried about them when she was gone. Which leads us right into what we're talking about today: Kit's Chicken Keeping Set!

 Smooth transition right?
Kit thinks I'm a dork.

This is the last special edition set I'll be looking at this year (Unless I magically end up with Samantha's) and it's stinking adorable! Here is everything you get:
Button down shirt, overalls, headband, shoes and a chicken!

The shirt is a short sleeve and cotton, with three pink buttons down the front:
Of course the buttons are non-functional and the shirt closes with a stripe of velcro behind them!

Here is the back:
I really love this print! It's bright peachy pink and it looks really nice with Kit's hair. So far I am loving all the bright Beforever things!
It's a fairly simple shirt but it does have one neat design element:
I've looked high and low and can't figure out what kind of collar this is but I really like the double points! It makes this shirt something a little special.

My favorite part of this whole outfit though, are the overalls:
They are a robin's egg blue with a check pattern:

They have a sweetheart neckline and a fitted band around the waist.

They also have two functional, pink buttons in the front:
And three decorative ones, covering velcro on her rear:

Now is the part where I tell you an amusing but slightly embarrassing story! If you look up and the first pictures of the overalls that is the way they came out of the box; with the straps NOT crossed. So that's the way I put them on her!
I was so disappointed to see that the straps were weirdly HUGE. They stuck way far out and I couldn't figure out why. I eventually kind of tucked them in and took pictures and it still looked super cute but I was sad and kind of irritated. I mean this was NOT a cheap set and the straps don't fit right?! wasn't until I was getting ready to write this post and went to read AG's description (kind of helps me figure out some of what I want to say) that I saw this "Blue checked overalls with a shaped waistband and crisscross straps with pink button."  Crisscross Straps...Oh......

That works better!

Much better:
Yeah, not even going to try and defend that one....Anyway! You can also see the fitted waistband I was talking about here!

The headband is made out of the same fabric as the shirt:
It has a stretchy section to help with putting it on.

And a giant bow:
I really like this one. Kit for some reason gets A LOT of headbands and I've always found her hair difficult to make look good with one. But this one was pretty easy to get in and I like the pointy bow. It looks like Kit just quickly tied it in to get her hair out of the way!

Her shoes are solid brown with "brass" buckles:
They have decorative pieces on the toes and heels and a solid brown sole.

Here is everything on Kit:

I really really like this outfit!

Of course all special editions come with some kind of accessory or accessories. Kit gets a chicken:
It is made out of tan plush and has a red face, comb and wattle, embroidered eyes and a weighted bottom.

It also has attached wings:
Which can be flared up slightly.

Kit can hold it pretty well:

On either side, though it stays better tucked for me under her right arm!
It looks a lot like a Buff Orpington. Which is a good breed for kids because they are friendly and not very aggressive! I think it's adorable.

And now for extra picture time:
Kit says where did that darn chicken go?!

It's hiding:
It still needs a name.....I'll think about that!

She found her chicken friend:
Hold on tight Kit!

Over all (see what I did there?) I really love this set. I love the construction of the overalls. The way that the waistband mirrors the neck line and all the buttons are just lovely little details that AG does really well. I'm also very happy that she got pants! It's nice to have something a little different. I really like the shirt with it's bright pattern and double pointed collar (though I wish I could find what that was really called!) and the matching headband is really cute too!

The shoes are basic and very sturdy looking which I like and they have some nice detail on the toes and heels too. And of course the chicken is adorable. As far as accessories go though, it's probably my least favorite this year. Kaya got that amazing shawl and Addy got the sewing accessories which I can see being used in a lot of ways for play and pictures. But the chicken just kind of sits there. It's adorable but not my favorite. That's the only criticism I have! The chicken is vaguely useless. I would say that says some pretty good things about this set!

Here is one more pretty picture of Kit:
I really do like these colors on her!

And now for some exciting news:
This is my 99th post! Which means that our next one is a pretty big deal. Plus June 19th is our 2 year blog anniversary. So I'm thinking we're going to combine the celebrations and do something extra special! What is it?! A give away!! But you'll have to comeback next time to see what it is! Till then!


  1. I love this outfit and can't wait to get it. It's in my cart for the next purchase (which I'm trying to hold off on til August).

    1. It's SO cute! You need it but don't forget the straps cross :P

  2. Love the shoes from this outfit - I'm tempted to pick it up just for those.

    1. I like them! I think they look very appropriate for chicken keeping lmao. Nice and sturdy!

  3. This is suuuuch a cute outfit.

  4. I made the SAME mistake with my set--I couldn't figure out why the straps were so long! Then oh, whoops, they cross in the back.

    1. Lmao glad I'm not the only one! I felt like such a dork when I figured it out!