Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dressing Your Doll on a Dime Part Two: My Life

Welcome to part two of Dressing Your Doll on a Dime! Last time we talked about the Target brand My Generation, and you can find that post here. Today My Life As (I forgot the As in my first post! whoops!) is up for review! Before we get started I just wanted to say that this brand shouldn't be confused with the My Doll's Life website and shop. They are not the same thing! I may actually review online purchases in the future but for now I'm sticking with brands you can go get at your neighborhood store. So let's get this show on the road!

My Life As can be purchased at Wal-mart in the toy section. It is a registered trademark of Wal-mart so as far as I can tell there is no website or really any other information about this brand. They have a pretty nice range of outfits, accessories, and dolls! And here is their clothing display:

All the piiiiiiiiiink

I was pretty impressed with the quality of what I saw while I was browsing. They have a really cute selection of leggings and animal hats!

It took me quite a bit to decide on one outfit. This pink tracksuit was a strong candidate:
It has real embroidery!

And so was this little corduroy dress:
I was so close to getting this one but the fur!

But in the end I fell in love with this:
Here is is on my kitchen floor!
It is called the Purple Yoga set and it cost me $9.97. They do have a really cute ice skating set that I believe is more expensive but as far as I could tell all of their outfits on hangers were around $10. It's a four piece set and it comes with a jacket, a tank top, yoga pants and a water bottle.

Everything is attached to this contraption with plastic fasteners.
The fasteners are my only real complaint with the packaging! Unfortunately one of them ended up snagging my top a little. Anyway, the plastic body part comes off if you want it to and the hanger can be saved for storage.

The water bottle is adorable!

It's just one piece of translucent, pink plastic with a butterfly sticker. I expected it to be cheaply made but honestly the plastic is nice and thick and I think it would hold up really well to everyday play. The only part I would be worried about is the butterfly sticker.

This jacket is amazing.
Right now it is my favorite piece of modern clothing out of everything I own and that's saying a lot! It's nice and thick and very feels very substantial. It's made out of a shiny purple knit material and lined with soft black spandex at the collar and down the zipper.

On the shoulder is the only place where the stitching isn't perfect and it doesn't effect the jacket at all. It just looks a little messy in profile.

The zipper pull is a cute and detailed molded pink butterfly. Butterflies seem to be the My Life As emblem? They are pretty much everywhere. Like the left side of the jacket, which has an iron on pink butterfly. I like it!

I love all the detail work on this jacket! It's just so neat! I didn't really expect that level of detail from a Wal-mart brand, and yes the zipper does work well!

The top is a thin, pink spandex top with another iron on butterfly. This time in purple and pink! It's decorated with black down the front and on the sleeves and collar.

It's held closed by a strip of velcro in the back.

Everything looks nice and tidy on the inside too! No loose threads hanging around.

The yoga pants are black spandex with another iron on butterfly on the hip. They feel like real yoga pants! The waist band is made from the same purple material as the jacket. Unfortunately it's not very stretchy so getting them over my doll's rear end was a little hard but on the plus side the waist band lays very nicely against her body.

I had a pair of AG shoes for her to wear so I didn't buy any specifically for this outfit. Plus all of their athletic shoes are plastic and we all know how I feel about that! But I already had one pair of their plastic shoes and recently they have come out with fabric shoes! So I bought a pair and now I'll go over both.

I bought this pair of shoes in January. It was right before I got Jade and Lilly and I wanted to be sure they would have at least one outfit apiece when they arrived. I found these and even though they are plastic I thought they looked enough like jelly sandals that I could deal with it. Each shoe is one molded piece of clear plastic with silver glitter imbedded in it.
They slip on and off but they are a little hard to get on. I'm always afraid I'm going to scratch up someone's heel with them. So far so good though!

I think they are pretty and they fit well!

They had a few styles of fabric shoes, including some cute pink canvas slip-ons,  but I thought that these mary janes would work the best for me.
All of their shoes come in these plastic bags and cost $2 in my Wal-mart.

They are made out of a soft, faux patent leather with silver plastic buckles.

The inner and outer sole are the same piece of soft rubbery plastic, turned up on the inside. The upper part of the shoes is sewn to the outside of the sole. This creates a pretty thick flap of material and plastic on the inside of the shoe but luckily it doesn't effect how they fit! The buckle looks good but doesn't function. Instead the shoes are closed with velcro under the buckle.

I wish they had used stiffer material. I think it would have made the toes look a little neater.; otherwise I like how they fit and I really like how shiny they are!

And now, to finish up, here are a couple of pictures of Jade in her new yoga outfit:

She can easily hold on to the water bottle with a little help from a clear rubber band!
She loves it! The jacket is a little tight zipped up but Jade has the older, less slender body and so I'm pretty sure it would fit better on a newer doll. I think being a little tight looks good with this outfit anyway!

My over all impression of My Life As is very good. I love the outfit and while both kinds of shoes have their issues I still think they are pretty solid. You can't beat $2! The outfit is well made and I think it's adorable. To be honest I wasn't expecting much from this brand but the outfit I got is my favorite  so far and I will definitely be buying from them again!


  1. That's a cute outfit! I like the pants!

  2. Replies
    1. It's one of my favorites! They have a cute new grey sweatsuit now but I haven't bought it yet. I only need so mane athletic type outfits!