Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trip to St. Louis AG Store!

Last Friday I left home and made the 5 hour (and some change) trip to St. Louis to meet my mom and brother for their Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Since we were going to St. Louis and I live nowhere near an AG store now; I told my mom we had to go! So we did! (Friday night) And it was awesome!! 

Here is the front of the store!
front of St. Louis store

Unfortunately my phone is slowly dying so I didn't get very many pictures

Goodby Molly and Emily!
Foreshadowing ;)
That would be all the pictures! My phone was almost dead at this point and it keeps telling my I have too many pictures when I have like 4 on there. Sigh.

Anyway, I got a few things! Way more than I should have but oh well. How often do I go to the AG store? I will be taking a closer look at everything I got later on but for now here is a quick run down:

I got Molly's Accessories but unfortunately when I got home the hinge of her locket broke in two!
Molly's Accessories
Broken locket
But all I had to do was call AG with my receipt and they are sending a new one to me at no cost! So it sucks but I'm not terribly upset.

I also got one of my favorite Molly dresses! I've been in love with that dress since I was little.
Molly's Christmas Dress
I love the lace sleeves and the gorgeous forest green velvet. Beautiful!

The most exciting thing is that someone got to come home with me! Anyone have any ideas who?! Scroll down to find out:

It's Ivy!!
A while back my best friend also got to go to the St. Louis store, and she got Julie. I have been wanting Ivy for some time so I thought that, even though we didn't get them together, it would be cool if I got Julie's bestie at the same place my bestie got her! Because I am a dork like that; so I did it! She will get a post all about her very shortly!

I had a great time visiting St. Louis and it was really awesome to get to go to the AG store with my mom! It's a really neat store and pretty different from the Kansas City store. I really enjoyed myself and I think my mom did too! Till next time!


  1. I enjoyed being with you while you picked out Ivy very much! I enjoyed my weekend so much, in fact, that I'm still in a happy mood. lol

    1. You're WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! When I was picking her out still makes me laugh :P

  2. Loved reading about your trip to the St. Louis AG store. Congratulations on adding Ivy to your collection! She is so pretty. Awesome picture of her!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty thrilled with her! I'm totally in love with her hair!

  3. I'm glad you got to go! When I come to visit I'll bring Julie and a change of clothes (or two) and we'll play, LMAO